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What is a business VoIP system?

A business VoIP system is a virtual phone system that leverages the cloud and uses VoIP as its telephony component, which enables users to make calls from anywhere using their laptop or mobile device. It provides the mobility and flexibility that was not possible with regular landlines and on-premise phone systems, in affordable plans suitable for both large and small businesses.

Business VoIP systems combine the best of traditional landlines – call clarity and secure lines – with the nimbleness of modern communications like cloud PBX, unlimited calls, conferencing, team messaging, frequent upgrades, and 24/7 customer support. Conventional communications solutions just can’t keep up.

Regular landlines

  • Needs expensive hardware
  • Requires expensive and complicated installations
  • Requires long term contracts with early termination fees
  • Additional features requires additional fees
  • Premium customer support exclusive to premium clients
  • Maintenance has to be done by specialized manpower
  • Service change requests need lengthy process

Business VoIP lines

  • No on-site hardware needed
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • No commitment required
  • Updates and upgrdes are rolled out for free
  • 24/7 customer support is available to all clients
  • Manage the system on your own mobile device
  • Add, delete, or repurpose digital lines at will

Business VoIP phone service

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Why customers choose RingCentral

Designed for Business

Specifically made with businesses in mind. Advanced features like unlimited VoIP, conferencing, and team messaging are designed to improve communications and collaboration within organizations.

Mobile VoIP-based phone system

Use your business phone system to call, text, and fax from your mobile device instead of using your personal phone number. No need to be personally charged for calls done in behalf of the company.

Easy and simple implementation

Get RingCentral rolled out to your whole organization in a day or less. Easily customize your phone system based on your business needs on your online account.

Secure VoIP transmissions

RingCentral employs high-level encryption and layers of authentication to protect all your business communications during transmission or while at rest.

Award-winning customer support

Get the support you need from day one. RingCentral will assist you in setting up your business phone system and provide you with technical support, consultations and best practice recommendations whenever you need it.

Best value plans and pricing

Get an industry-leading cloud communications solution at flexible plans and pricing. Get a single, all-inclusive bill with no hidden costs for additional features. And with no maintenance to worry about, you don't have to hire special IT staff.

RingCentral Business Communications plans for your small business

Volume discounts for 50+ users available. Contact our sales experts to learn more.

The business communication landscape has changed a lot over the last few decades, and RingCentral is in the forefront of these changes. By seeing the potential and accelerating the development of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, RingCentral is able to provide organizations with a better option over Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or regular landlines. And as the technology hits mainstream, more and more companies are seeing the advantage of using RingCentral business VoIP over regular PSTN, which includes:

It costs less than regular phone lines

Undoubtedly, one of the factors your company always looks at is price. Compared to regular landlines, this solution is certainly the lower-priced option. Implementation is pretty inexpensive, as it doesn’t require the installation of complex cabling and other hardware. In addition, local, toll-free minutes, and even international calls made through RingCentral have lower rates than those of traditional telecommunication companies.

Easy to implement and use

As mentioned above, it requires no complex cabling or other expensive hardware. As soon as your organization is subscribed to RingCentral, your employees can be assigned their own phone number and virtual extensions. From there, they can start making and receiving calls using the system. They can do it through company-assigned desk IP phones, their online account using any browser, or the specially-designed RingCentral desktop apps for PC and MAC, as well as RingCentral Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Not just for calls

Aside from making and receiving calls, RingCentral also allows you to use business VoIP to transmit fax and business SMS. As with making calls, employees can use their phone number to send fax or SMS from their RingCentral online account, Desktop App, or Mobile App.

Flexible and scalable

Current RingCentral customers enjoy the flexibility and adaptability of this business VoIP solution. Individual users, in particular, enjoy the mobility the technology affords them. They are no longer confined to their desks, where their desk phones are. They can literally take their phone number anywhere, as long as they have Internet connection. Organizations, on the other hand, enjoy how they could adapt it to their needs. Adding phone numbers and virtual extensions only requires a few clicks on a computer or taps on a mobile device. There’s no need for new infrastructure or added installations.

Among the Industry’s Best Business Communications Solutions

Business VoIP is the main communication component of RingCentral’s award-winning unified communications solution. So not only are its subscribers getting a means of making and receiving calls, they are getting the best and most comprehensive business communications solution addressing every communication need they may have. Sign up now and join more than 350,000 businesses who trust RingCentral for their business communications.

Business VoIP technology has come a long way from its humble beginnings. No longer just an alternative to regular phone lines, it’s become the most practical means of connecting calls locally and internationally.

And with RingCentral leading the way, it has also evolved into more than just a technology for making and receiving company calls. Paired with an industry leading cloud-hosted phone system, RingCentral has taken it to a different level. Now, all the communication needs of any company can be found in just one business VoIP system.

Call Management Features

This complete communications solution has all the features you need to manage all your incoming calls. This includes an advanced auto-attendant system that receives and greets all callers, before routing them to the right person or department. Companies can also set their answering rules, which lets you customize how incoming calls are answered.

Call Handling Features

Aside from company-wide call management features, users can also personalize how they handle calls to their extension. The call screening option lets users see who is calling and gives them options on how to handle calls--answering, asking callers to identify themselves, sending calls to voicemail, or even rejecting the call outright. RingCentral outbound caller ID also lets users control the identity they want the recipient of their calls to see. If they are not anywhere their office desk phone, users can also forward calls to several alternative phone numbers simultaneously or chronologically.

Conferencing function

In the past, conferencing solutions are bought separately from the primary phone system. RingCentral, however, has developed its own Online Meetings service as part of their business VoIP system. Now, users can host and join audio and video conferences from anywhere.

Team Messaging and Collaboration

With the acquisition of RingCentral Video, RingCentral added another component to their communications solution. Included in all RingEX plans is this team messaging and collaboration app that not only allows team members to instant message each other, it also allows users to form teams, create and assign tasks, and share anything from images, links, and any sort of files.


This business VoIP system is third party app-friendly too. RingCentral recognizes that companies use multiple business apps. To make operations more efficient, RingCentral integrates with some of the most popular business and productivity apps like Salesforce, Office 360, and Google for Work. RingCentral also welcomes developers to create integrations for their custom apps through its open APIs.

All of these are included in all RingEX plans. Sign up now and give your organization the one business VoIP system for all your communication needs.

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