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RingCX Facebook Messenger channel connector
by RingCentral, Inc.

Native integration to interact with your customers on Facebook Messenger, in private conversations.

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RingCX for Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s business-focused features on Messenger allow companies to increase customer engagement and reduce drop-off by enabling transactions, service updates, and agent interactions, all from within the Facebook Messenger app.

With 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is one of the most used messaging channels. It helps people around the world connect easily, with features such as text messages, video chat, group conversations and voice calls.

• Private communications: Give customers the ability to start a conversation on one device and continue it on another at a later time, without losing context.

• Appointment Booking: Book appointments directly within customer chat, using real-time availability information from your calendar.

• Lead Generation: Integrate your business’ automatic lead qualification processes within Messenger and

merge that data with your CRM.

• Message Tags: Categorize every message you send, with limits in place to reduce the possibility of spam to the user, and massively improve open rates and engagement.

• Conversion Tracking: Track the result of each customer conversation to see the impact that messaging is having on business goals.

Manage your Facebook Messenger interactions through a single, omnichannel digital customer engagement platform with powerful AI-enabled routing and conversation assistance. RingCentral RingCX supports Facebook Messenger and gives you the ability to respond to all incoming messages through a unified dashboard that intelligently regroups and routes interactions to appropriate agents across all digital channels.

Original release date: 2020-01-15


Must be a RingCentral RingCX customer.

Must have a valid Facebook Messenger account.