Recommended Routers

Quality of Service (QoS) settings on your router enable it to give priority to voice traffic. RingCentral has tested and approved the following QoS-enabled routers for use with RingCentral VoIP services. Click on the PDF icon for your router model to download a configuration guide to enable QoS on your device.

Questions about setup or configuration? Please visit
the Customer Support Center.
Have a router that’s not listed? Let us know at QoS@ringcentral.com

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ActionTecWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
AdtranWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
NetVanta 1335 4
NetVanta 1335P 4
NetVanta 3448/PoE 40
NetVanta 3458/PoE 40
APPLEWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
ASUSWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
RT-N65UUp to 15
RT-N66U Dark KnightUp to 20
BelkinWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
BuffaloWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
N300 - WHR-G300NUp to 24
N300 - WHR-300HP Up to 24
CiscoWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
892Up to 32
891Up to 32
888Up to 32
887VUp to 32
881/881GUp to 32
861Up to 32
1921 Up to 32
1941Up to 32
1941WUp to 32
2901 Up to 32
2911 Up to 32
2921 Up to 32
2951 Up to 32
DraytekWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
JuniperWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
LinksysWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
E1200Up to 12
E2500Up to 12
EA2700Up to 24
EA4500Up to 28
NetGearWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
N300 WNR3500Lv2Up to 8
N600 WNDR3400v2Up to 8
N750 WNDR4000Up to 8
N900 WNDR4500Up to 20
PaceWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
SonicWallWirelessRecommended# of UsersPDF
TZ100 Up to 36
TZ100 Wireless-NUp to 36
TZ105 Wireless-N
TZ200 Wireless-N
TZ205 Up to 32
TZ205 Wireless-NUp to 32
TZ210 Wireless-N
TZ215 Up to 36
TZ215 Wireless-NUp to 36