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Sunwarrior Replaces ShoreTel On-Premise PBX with RingCentral Cloud Communications Solution
​San Mateo, Calif. – June 10, 2013 – RingCentral, Inc., a leading provider of cloud business communications solutions, today announced that Sunwarrior, an international nutrition supplement supplier, replaced its legacy on-premise ShoreTel phone system with RingCentral’s cloud business communications solution.
The on-premise phone system that Sunwarrior used is commonly referred to as a private branch exchange or PBX. These systems were designed for the 1980s work place when employees came into the office, communicated by landline phones and stopped communicating when they left the office. The on-premise PBX was not designed for today’s mobile-centric work life with BYOD, multiple forms of communication including SMS and an increasingly mobile and dispersed workforce.

RingCentral Cloud Solution Designed for Today's Work World
In contrast, RingCentral’s cloud-based solution enables Sunwarrior to optimize communications anywhere, anytime. It gives employees the flexibility to communicate using one business number via a variety of business and personal devices including smartphones, tablets, desk phones and PCs.  It increases productivity as phone system administrators do not need specialized technical skills to manage the solution. Using the simple-to-use mobile app and web portal, employees can also manage their personal phone preferences without IT help.

“With our previous legacy PBX, employees would constantly ask to make minor changes to the system that when taken all together took up a lot of time and required bringing in an outside technician,” said Glen Hall, Sunwarrior’s IT manager. “But with RingCentral that has changed. Employees can now manage their own preferences from the RingCentral smartphone app without help. Also, when they move to a new desk, they can simply unplug their phone and plug it in wherever there is an Internet connection.”

The RingCentral cloud solution allows Sunwarrior to rapidly scale on-demand by easily adding new users regardless of location. It’s also more cost effective as it does not require capital hardware expenditures or the on-going maintenance fees required by legacy on-premise systems.

“If we add a new employee, I just log on to the web portal and add a new extension and RingCentral overnights me a preconfigured plug-n-ring ready phone directly to our employee,” added Hall. “What’s more, RingCentral is significantly less expensive than our previous PBX and didn’t require us to invest tens of thousands of dollars in hardware and pay extra for installation and maintenance.”

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