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Medical Alert Service Cures Communication Disorder with RingCentral Office


LifeGuardian Technologies, LLC replaces multiple communication systems and vendors and slashes monthly bill with cloud based business phone system

San Mateo, CA, March 2, 2010 — LifeGuardian Technologies, LLC, a distributor of life saving emergency medical alert devices, adopted cloud based business phone system RingCentral Office to get world-class service while dramatically reducing communication costs. The older vendors were not only expensive, but they could not easily meet the business needs of distributed locations and employees.

Company Director, Thomas C. Franks was paying at least $800 per month to a variety of vendors for a PBX system, local, long distance, toll-free and voicemail services. The switch to RingCentral Office enabled Franks to get all of these services and more, from one provider for only $99 per month.

LifeGuardian was attracted by the self service and on-demand nature of RingCentral Office - instant purchase, configuration, activation and management capabilities - that do not require any technical skills and can be done simply online anywhere in the world through an internet browser. RingCentral Office also offered LifeGuardian a vast array of business class capabilities, ease of use, scalability, and the ability to consolidate communications with one provider. Franks’ decision to switch to RingCentral Office was validated with a hassle free transition, excellent customer service and technology support and clear call quality.

“We are delighted with our new cloud based business phone system from RingCentral. In addition to the significant cost savings, we have a world class phone system that outpaces our much larger competitors and allows us maintain a consistent, professional image across our office locations,” says Franks.

LifeGuardian Technologies is headquartered in California with a remote office in Florida. The company needed a business-class phone system that would allow them to route mission-critical calls seamlessly across multiple locations, and would scale to fit their growth and expanding needs. Prior to RingCentral, the company had a PBX provider, local service, toll free numbers, long distance and voice mail, with each service having its own vendor. With five different providers, LifeGuardian’s legacy telecommunications system was expensive to maintain and operate, without meeting their business needs. It was the worst of all worlds.

“We were struggling with the cost and hassle of dealing with multiple communications providers,” says Franks. “Finding RingCentral Office was a revelation—the system is very flexible and the voice quality is crystal clear. The IP phones are top quality, and our sales office in Florida sounds like it is right here at our main office in California. With RingCentral, we have a high quality, full featured business phone system that was implemented easily and flawlessly without any down time.”

RingCentral is a leader in cloud computing based business phone systems. RingCentral Office combines a multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality, always on service, unlimited calling and full-featured phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use. RingCentral Office is available for a low, flat, fixed monthly fee, no contracts and zero setup costs.

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