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RingCentral Equips Social Services Providers with A Critical Lifeline


Reliable, On-Demand Telecommunications Services Enable Non-Profits to Better Serve Families in Crisis


SAN MATEO, Calif, February 26, 2007 – RingCentral, Inc., a key provider of on-demand telecommunication services, today announced that a growing number of social services organizations--often plagued by complex staffing issues and constrained budgets—use RingCentral Online as an essential lifeline to their clients. RingCentral’s non-profit subscribers range from residential homes for troubled teens to substance abuse treatment facilities to charitable agencies for Katrina victims.

“In our line of business, each missed call is a lost opportunity to help a family in need,” explains Jon Carter, owner of Heart Mountain New Beginnings, a youth home for troubled and at-risk teenage boys in Powell, Wyoming. “Thanks to RingCentral’s advanced flexibility features, we can appropriately route incoming calls among our staff, guaranteeing that no call goes unattended.” 

By combining a toll-free or local number with advanced call management capabilities, RingCentral enables these organizations to unify their communications services—including landline, wireless, voicemail, email and fax. As such, subscribers will maximize their telephony capabilities and scope of client services without comprising their budgets. 

“As a non-profit, we have to carefully monitor our budget and selectively decide what we buy,” says Suzanne Wolfe, director of programs and services for the Parent Educational and Advocacy Training Center in Virginia, which aids families who have children with disabilities. “RingCentral’s interactive call features have saved us considerable time and money. We can also monitor our calls using their detailed call log, which helps us with administrative and staffing issues as well as plans for growth and expansion.”

RingCentral Online incorporates a toll-free and/or local number with call distribution and management capabilities—empowering subscribers to forward calls by date, time and caller ID and use screening services; customizable voicemail greetings; internet fax for sending and receiving faxes; music-on-hold; call logs; message alerts; click-to-call capabilities directly from their web site; and RingCentral’s exclusive real-time call control tool. 

Many of RingCentral’s social service customers utilize a 24-hour crisis hotline and enjoy the benefits of being able to route incoming calls to skilled professionals working remotely. Alex Shohet, managing director of the Wonderland Center, a residential treatment and detoxification facility in Los Angeles notes that, “Our counselors are often meeting with patients and attending support group sessions. As our employees are rarely at their desks, the mobility advantage of RingCentral Online is unparalleled, especially when urgent care is needed.” 

“Communication is clearly important to improving lives and we believe RingCentral’s solutions can make a real difference,” states Vlad Shmunis, CEO of RingCentral, Inc. “Social service organizations look to us to provide a valuable lifeline for those they serve. We’re proud to support such stellar organizations and allow them to focus their efforts on helping people in need.”

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RingCentral, Inc., provides on demand telecommunications services that enable small businesses and mobile executives to effectively manage communications and project a professional image to customers, partners and prospects. RingCentral Online combines a toll-free and/or local number with advanced call management, PBX, voicemail and Internet fax, enabling customers to automatically screen, forward and place calls; take voicemail; send and receive faxes; and receive message alerts. Almost 25,000 customers use RingCentral’s comprehensive and affordable hosted phone system to unify landline, wireless, VoIP and email communications. RingCentral is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., for more information, visit

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