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RingCentral Announces Virtual Local Telephone Numbers in Major U.S. Cities


RingCentral Supports Growing Businesses With New "Business Plan" Pricing


SAN MATEO, CA, January 22, 2004 – The Ultimate communications service for growing business, announced today that for the first time local telephone numbers are available in major markets nationwide. In conjunction with this development, RingCentral has changed the name of its flagship 800-Works service to RingCentral Communications Service. Now RingCentral customers, like law firms, real estate companies, and virtual work teams, can choose from an unlimited number of toll-free or local telephone numbers to establish a local presence in most major markets nationwide.

RingCentral is a complete unified communications service that grows seamlessly along with a customer's business. RingCentral offers a toll free or local phone number that can receive all phone calls, faxes and messages in one location. It instantly routes voice calls to any number the user chooses or receives faxes without a fax machine. Now with local numbers, RingCentral customers can expand their businesses to new cities immediately. With no limit on how many local or toll free numbers they can add, RingCentral customers have the flexibility to expand their presence into multiple markets. Fully featured extensions can be added or subtracted at any time to connect all employees, regardless of their physical location.

"RingCentral communications service offers the flexibility, ease of use, and affordability that growing businesses need," said Timothy Self, Vice President of Marketing for RingCentral. "RingCentral is committed to helping our customers grow their businesses wherever and however they need. The addition of local numbers to the service will do just that."

The addition of local numbers to RingCentral, along with the recent addition of multiple extensions, means even small businesses can establish a national or local presence at a remarkably low cost. For virtual office teams, RingCentral simplifies communications with their customers and clients. RingCentral increases the productivity of mobile professionals by ensuring that incoming calls and faxes will always reach them, while home office users can cut their costs because RingCentral eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line.

RingCentral's local numbers are available in the following metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/ Ft. Worth, Detroit, Gary, Hartford, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

New "Business" Plan Pricing Adds Flexibility to Growing Business
The new Business Plan pricing allows RingCentral customers to add an unlimited number of extensions without additional per-extension costs. Each of these RingCentral extensions includes the full range of RingCentral features including call forwarding, voice mail and fax. The RingCentral number acts as a virtual PBX, with extensions and private passwords, individualized greetings and other settings. Priced at $99.99 a month, the Business Plan offers users 1500 minutes of usage with the option of purchasing more minutes for as little as 3.9 cents per minute. Unlike other telephony services, RingCentral never charges for double-leg billing on its call routing features. The new Business Plan pricing joins two other pricing plans, designed to meet the needs of any level of user. For more information on pricing, please visit

About RingCentral, Inc.
RingCentral, based in San Mateo, CA, provides mobile professionals and growing businesses a wide range of advanced Internet telephony services, including RingCentral communications service. Third-party businesses can complement their core offerings, improve their customers access experience and drive additional revenues through partnership and licensing with RingCentral. For more information, visit


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