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Fully Featured Mailboxes added to RingCentral Communications Service to provide one number solution for any distributed workforce


SAN MATEO, CA, November 19, 2003 – Growing businesses, home offices, and distributed teams are always looking for a way to appear and work like larger organizations. RingCentral has made it easy. Today, RingCentral announced the introduction of multiple voice mailboxes and personal extensions all working off of its toll free unified communications solution. Now, workers, whether in the same office or spread around the country, can reap the benefits of a centralized phone number and single point of contact without having to invest in expensive hardware or systems.

RingCentral Communications Service provides a single toll free number solution for phone calls, voicemail and faxes to ensure that no valuable call is missed. Multiple extensions allow users an affordable and centralized contact point for every member of the team. Each extension has RingCentral's full-featured call forwarding, routing, messaging and Internet fax capabilities. For example, mailboxes can be set-up to provide directions to an office or a place for customers to place an order.

"We know the realities for our customers. They are growing business that want to look professional. We want to be solution that helps them do it," said Timothy Self, Vice President of Marketing for RingCentral. "Now, even the smallest operation can have a phone system that offers them the same benefits provided to the largest organization at a price they can afford."

RingCentral is offering this solution for as low as $9.99 per month and under $5 per mailbox per month. This provides the best option for a small business looking to tie together a far-flung team or looking to expand without the expense of more phone lines. Mailboxes can be added as a business grows, regardless of where employees are located, while the whole system can be managed from any web browser.

"When we decided to allow one of our employees to work from home, we faced a real communications problem. With RingCentral, our customers now have seamless and complete communications access to all of our employees, no matter where they are. This was the best and most affordable solution for our company, our employees and our customers," said Paul Chiumento, President of One Stop Merchant Services in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

There will be three types of mailboxes available to users. They are:

Announcement Only -- Users can set up a mailbox to provide driving instructions to an office, a mailing address or a listing of their services.


Take Messages Only -- The mailbox can receive inbound voice messages and fax messages, but never ring to an actual phone. This allows you to set up a shipping department, an accounting department, and a helpdesk without adding an additional phone line.


Forward Calls to Me -- FindMe/FollowMe call routing allows users to choose how and where to route incoming calls-from call forwarding to directing calls to multiple numbers simultaneously.

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