Case Studies

Woodline Solutions

Woodline Solutions is a construction management and construction firm. They also provide consulting on the construction side, as well as the sustainability side. The 22-person company has offices in Atlanta, Savannah, Raleigh, and Washington, D.C. 

Not only do they have offices in multiple cities in three different states, but they also frequently travel and meet on-site with clients. A flexible phone system that would connect their multiple offices and support the needs of their on-the-go business was crucial. 

“We provide services directly to clients. We need to be with our clients and still be able to tend to all of our clients,” said President JC Burton. 

When considering which phone system provider to go with, they created a matrix to compare products and prices. They talked to two other companies and chose RingCentral for its functionality, flexibility, and mobility. 

Burton explains they selected RingCentral because, “It provided the most flexibility in options for our staff who travels a great deal. We can also have one contact person or receptionist for all four of our offices.” 

When it comes to RingCentral features, they use almost every feature that’s available. They get a lot of use out of FollowMe, which enables them to take business calls while they’re out of the office. With different schedules and preferences, they also really like that each employee can set up their work hours and answering rules individually. 

Internet fax, softphone, and smartphone apps are also key features for the Woodline Solutions team. Even with different types of smartphones, they can all enjoy the benefits of RingCentral when they’re on-the-go. 

“We all love the ability to utilize the softphone and mobile features. They’re something we all enjoy," Burton says. 

In terms of cost, Burton finds RingCentral has been consistent on costs and fees. And with plans to hire more people, including contractors, it won’t be a big expense to expand their phone system. 

“We are growing. We do plan on adding more staff to our support staff. As we add new people, it’s not a high cost,” says Burton. 

With RingCentral, Woodline Solutions can stay focused on their clients and on building a greener future.