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Tenthwave Improves Connectivity with Customers
using RingCentral Office

Providing digital strategies for changing times

Tenthwave is a full service digital agency whose services include social marketing, digital strategy, web design, SEO and sweepstakes management. Headquartered in New York City, Tenthwave also has offices in Chicago, Detroit, Long Island, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Founded in 2010, Tenthwave has over 100 employees.


Multiple unmanageable systems

Tenthwave previously had three different phone systems in its different offices—a Nortel hardwire PBX, a self-managed Asterisk server and Vonage. Meanwhile, the company’s remote employees worked from their personal cell phones. As Tenthwave grew and more staff members needed to be added to the system, competition for resources increased.


“We were a mess in terms of having a unified service, which is why we moved to RingCentral,” Jade Wesdorp, System Administrator, explains, “We needed to bring everyone with different needs and different means of access into one switchboard and one set of extensions.”


Building bridges between customers and employees

Tenthwave relies heavily on telephone communication to interact with its customers. Conference calling is used as an essential tool to get business done. Before switching to RingCentral, Tenthwave paid $50 per conference line, per month. The number of lines purchased was limited and required its own management process.


Now, with RingCentral, employees have immediate access to their own conference lines at all times. “Being able to give everyone their own conference bridge was revolutionary,” Jade says. “We were using multiple technologies for voice conferencing and everybody confused the lines. We even had to list the lines as resources in Outlook so people could book time on them. It was horrible and no way to run a business or communicate with clients.”


Improving connectivity and efficiency

RingCentral has improved connectivity between offices and remote employees. Now that everyone is on one phone system, they feel more like a part of the team. Employees found that the features offered by RingCentral increased efficiency. Jade says, “Our employees were pleasantly surprised that they didn’t have to put in a help desk ticket for simple tasks—the realization that they can be productive on their own and not rely on the IT staff is empowering.”


RingCentral has particularly increased efficiency in the IT department. Scalability has become more manageable—setting up an employee’s direct line is now a quick and easy part of the company’s onboarding process, saving the IT staff three hours per line. Tenthwave’s IT staff previously had difficulty maintaining phone system hardware because each location had different service providers. If hardware was needed it had to be packed and shipped out from the main office by the IT staff to the other offices.

Company profile

Tenthwave is a full service digital agency.

Year founded: 2010


Headquarters: New York City, New York

Size: 100 employees