Case Studies

Tammy Taylor Nails

Having outgrown their current office space, Tammy Taylor Nails is moving their headquarters from Irvine, Calif. to Santa Ana, Calif. Tammy’s brother, Eddie Ray Taylor, is the Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the technology and logistics for the business. 

Eddie looked into moving their current PBX phone system to the new location. He received a proposal for $21,000 just for moving and installation. After getting a second proposal for $8,000, Taylor called RingCentral and hasn’t looked back since. 

“At that moment, I was able to toss out the $21k and $8k proposals and bought all the equipment I needed just running network cables. It was so easy. I was able to save all that money, and I was able to do it all myself. We saved a lot of money going with RingCentral and not going with the traditional phone system,” says Taylor. 

Before switching to RingCentral, Tammy Taylor Nails was using AT&T for long distance and local calling, XO Communications for their T-1 line, and Vonage for their Florida and satellite locations. They had a complicated setup with multiple carriers and multiple bills. It was also very expensive. 

Taylor explains, “When I was looking at the bills, we’d have $600-700 just for the T-1 stuff just to pipe out to the phone company. Our main phone bill would be $2,000+ sometimes. I did work with all the phone companies to get the great deals, and they couldn’t touch RingCentral. Not having to deal with all those bills has saved us at least a couple of thousand dollars a month. To drop the other companies? It was a no-brainer.” 

RingCentral also helped Taylor save money on phone numbers. He was paying for numbers he wasn’t even aware of with multiple companies, and the numbers weren’t going anywhere. With RingCentral, he was able to transfer the numbers and consolidate them into one much lower bill. 

Taylor likes that RingCentral is so easy to use, and he can do everything himself from anywhere—even his car. He uses his computer, iPad, and Android phone to stay connected when he’s on-the-go. He also feels at ease knowing if the power goes out, he can use his iPad to transfer everyone’s calls to their cell phones. 

He explains, “I can log on to RingCentral and change anything, anytime, anywhere. I just go on my iPad and change some stuff around if the phones need to ring somewhere else. Any simple thing I can do while I’m away.” 

Tammy Taylor Nails’ customers also like the new system, particularly the caller ID functionality and direct dial extensions for employees. When a salesperson calls them, now customers are able to see the phone number. With their old system, the number would show up as blocked, and customers wouldn’t answer. Now customers can see who’s calling them and easily call the salesperson back directly. 

Taylor sums it up, “No complaints. Service has been excellent. Customer service has been excellent. Technical support and getting started on the phones has been great. It’s a great company. Everyone seems really nice.”