Case Studies

Studio Charleston

Studio Charleston offers stage rental, production offices, and production services at their 70,000 square foot production facility in Charleston, South Carolina. Clients rent the space for feature films, commercials, and TV shows. The studio has served as a backdrop for the movie "Dear John" and recently for a History Channel pilot. 

Projects can range from one day photo shoots to several months of production work. The crews working at the facility range anywhere from two to three people, 30 employees, and upwards of 250 to 300 for films. 

In addition to sound stages, Studio Charleston also offers production office suites fitted with phones, conference rooms, broadband Internet service, and a copy center for their clients. 

Studio Manager Harald Galinski explains, “We constantly get different clients, sometimes for a day or a few months. They often want to have their own extension and phone number at their desk. We need to have the programmability of each line.” 

As a result, Studio Charleston was looking for a flexible phone system that could adapt with its ever-changing cast of clients. The ability to easily add and assign lines and extensions was a key factor in Studio Charleston’s decision to sign up with RingCentral. While they contacted both traditional PBX and cloud-based phone companies during the decision-making process, they chose RingCentral for its flexibility and value. 

Studio Charleston offers phone service as an additional service to their clients. They’ve found the flat rate fee structure of RingCentral has been beneficial to their budget, as well as their clients’ budgets. 

“We sell the service as a rental fee to the clients and put our margins on it to make it available for the client. It’s a flat fee per line. The controlled billing system of RingCentral allows us to give clients a controlled budget for their telephone expenses. It’s a fixed rate, so there are no surprises,” says Galinski.

Another feature of RingCentral that’s been beneficial to Studio Charleston and their clients is the ability to get email notifications when they’re on-the-go. For clients who are out and about sourcing props, materials, and wardrobes all day, this is a big benefit. 

“The art department forwards voicemail notifications to their email. A buyer trying to find set materials will have people calling them back. The wardrobe people are out for 4-5 weeks buying clothes to get ready for the film. They’re physically out of the office, and it’s nice for them to have the flexibility to use their phones more efficiently,” says Galinski. 

While they started with three lines from RingCentral, Studio Charleston has added 50 lines and plans to add more as they grow. As they say in showbiz, “Lights, camera, action!”