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Kapost Stabilizes its Communications with RingCentral

Changing the way brands communicate and engage with buyers
Kapost helps enterprise brands grow revenue with content. Their content marketing software simplifies and centralizes the creation, distribution, and analysis of content across a range of channels. Marketing teams of all sizes can collaborate on content, manage assets in one platform, organize extensive campaigns, and establish an efficient, process-driven operation. Hundreds of the world’s top brands - including Lenovo, AT&T, and VMware - use Kapost to create, publish and scale their content operation, so they can focus on serving their customers and growing their business. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Kapost has 50 employees.


Escaping the nightmare
Prior to using RingCentral, Kapost had technical difficulties with communications.  The staff at Kapost used a different phone system. As the company began to grow, they acquired customers all over the world, but the inconsistency in phone service became an issue, especially for those in sales and support.  Calls were constantly being dropped and the problem was initially thought to be coming from the network.  
“We wasted all of this time trying to change our routers, our network architecture and improve our connection, but the problem was the service provider, not the connection.  It was a nightmare,” says Toby Murdock, Co-Founder and CEO.  “Switching to RingCentral meant we didn’t have to even think about our phone system.  Everything is dependable, calls are no longer dropped and our customers are happy.”


Easy to use, easy to grow
The staff members at Kapost are happy to have a phone system with features that make communicating easy.  Each user has the ability to change settings online, add hold music and easily access call logs.  Employees are missing fewer calls by utilizing the call forwarding feature.  The ability to record calls on-demand has also been useful for training purposes or for case studies.
Now that the employees at Kapost have a reliable phone system, they look forward to growing the business with the ease of scalability that RingCentral provides.  “Adding lines and ordering new phones has become a simple and easy process in a way that it never was with our previous provider,” says Murdock.  “We don’t even have an IT person, per se, but we’re able to do everything ourselves.”


Increased confidence and reliability
Staff members at Kapost have continued confidence in conferencing as well as individual calls.  Prior to using RingCentral, a third party service was used.  This third party service was restrictive because it did not allow for international calls; the dial-in lines were not always the same phone number and were not necessarily private.  With RingCentral, the team at Kapost no longer has concerns about conference calls because individuals can be issued their own conference bridge.
“I used to worry in the back of my mind whenever I was on a call—what am I going to do if this call drops?  How will I get that person back on the line?” says Jon Clifford, Account Executive.  “Now that we have RingCentral, I have confidence in our phone system.”

Company profile

Kapost helps enterprise brands grow revenue with content marketing software.

Year founded: 2009


Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Size: 50 Employees

“Switching to RingCentral meant we didn’t have to even think about our phone system.  Everything is dependable, calls are no longer dropped and our customers are happy.”
-Toby Murdock, Co-Founder and CEO