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Intranet Technica

Intranet Technica

Australia-Based IT Service Provider Intranet Technica Uses
RingCentral Office for Always Reliable Phone and Messaging
Service for Its Mobile Workforce

IT support company Intranet Technica views itself not merely as an outside vendor for the business clients it serves in Sydney, Australia. “We’re part of each client’s team,” explains James Trazzera, Intranet Technica’s General Manager. Since its founding nearly a quarter-century ago, this is one of the ways the company has distinguished itself from the larger corporate IT service providers in the area.

To provide service so outstanding that their clients actually think of them as part of their own teams, Intranet Technica has to be responsive and quick to solve problems whenever and wherever they happen. “When a client’s device starts blinking red—whatever device it is, and wherever they happen to be—my team needs to be there,” Trazzera says. Which means Intranet Technica’s mobile workforce needs highly reliable communications wherever they are. That’s why they started using RingCentral Office®.

Unreliable service from another phone service leads the company to RingCentral.

“We were having reliability issues with our previous communications service,” Trazzera recalls. “Bad signal, dropped calls, and poor support when we called for help.” Because Intranet Technica runs a mobile workforce, with technicians in the field for much of every day, the company couldn’t afford anything less than always reliable communication with our mobile team at all times.

So Trazzera turned to a friend at one of Intranet Technica’s partner companies for a recommendation. “He told me that RingCentral was blowing every competitor out of the water, so we decided to give RingCentral Office a try,” Trazzera explains. “And we haven’t looked back since.”

RingCentral’s ease of setup offers first sign Intranet Technica made the right decision.

“RingCentral is just easy, easy, easy,” says Trazzera. “I think I had 95% of the system for our entire company set up in about 10 minutes.”

“Now whenever I want to make an update to our system, I just jump on the app and make the changes myself. “What I really like about RingCentral was that the whole system was so seamless and simple, whether you’re using the app or the web console.”

“RingCentral is hands down the best cloud communication service we’ve ever used, both in terms of the range of functionality you offer and the quality and reliability of the service itself,” says Trazzera, “Intranet Technica couldn’t be happier.”

Company profile

Intranet Technica is a Sydney, Australia-based provider of IT support services, ranging from technology hardware and software maintenance to enterprise-wide disaster recovery and business continuity systems. The company specializes in healthcare enterprises and fast-growing companies.

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Sydney, Australia

Small, fewer than
10 employees

“RingCentral is just easy, easy, easy. I think I had 95% of the system for our entire company set up in about 10 minutes.”

— James Trazzera, General Manager, Intranet Technica

“[Our partner] told us that RingCentral was blowing every competitor out of the water.”

— James Trazzera, General Manager, Intranet Technica