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Hawk Ridge Systems Finds RingCentral Video a Great Solution for Team Collaboration
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This is the communications platform we were searching for but didn't know existed.

Samuel Eakin

Operations Manager, Hawk Ridge Systems
Hawk Ridge Systems provides SolidWorks 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software, CAMWorks computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, and 3D printers from 3D Systems to more than 26,000 customers in North America. Customers include NASA, Boeing, Belkin, and Kohler, among others. Hawk Ridge has one of the industry’s largest technical support teams, with a 2:1 ratio of engineers to sales. Call response times beat the benchmarks in the software industry, with more than 95% of calls answered within the first 30 seconds by a technical support engineer. Hawk Ridge’s average customer satisfaction rating is 98%.

Team collaboration is just as important as phones

Under the direction of Samuel Eakin, Operations Manager, Hawk Ridge moved its enterprise communications to the cloud. After deploying RingCentral for telephony and web conferencing, Eakin went looking for a team messaging and collaboration solution that he could deploy company-wide.

Some in the organization were already using a free version of one collaboration application, forcing the IT team to decide whether they wanted to buy the paid version of that application to deploy it more broadly. Eakin saw several drawbacks to this approach. One was the cost. Another was the fact that the application was not well integrated with the company’s voice and web conferencing applications.

A better option came when Eakin learned about RingCentral Video. RingCentral Video had the advantage of being integrated with RingCentral’s other functionality. Adding RingCentral Video to the RingCentral installation would give Hawk Ridge fully integrated voice, messaging, team collaboration, and web conferencing. And RingCentral Video comes free with RingEX, which eliminated the cost concern.
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More than messaging

After evaluating RingCentral Video, Eakin realized that Hawk Ridge could also benefit from RingCentral Video's powerful task management capabilities, either to replace other task management tools currently in use or to integrate them. Also, having all communications integrated within one solution meant that teams could initiate video and screen share conferences with a single click of a button, and make enterprise-quality voice calls, even adding as many guest users as they wanted, without any additional cost.

“RingCentral Video has changed how we communicate as an organization,” says Eakin. “Long gone are employee-to-employee-only messaging limitations. We can now easily share our Google apps documents, or assign tasks in a group environment all without sending a single email.”
From Eakin’s point of view, none of the existing solutions on the market could offer Hawk Ridge the range of functionality his company gets with RingCentral and RingCentral Video. “This is the communications platform we were searching for but didn't know existed,” he says.
RingCentral Video has changed how we communicate as an organization.

Samuel Eakin

Operations Manager, Hawk Ridge Systems

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