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Daly Computers Tracks Key Calls with RingCentral API

For the sales staff at Daly Computers Inc., time is money—specifically, time spent on the phone with customers. Shortly after switching from an on-premise phone system to RingCentral, Daly tapped the RingCentral API for reports to management that are used as part of an incentives system tied in part to the number of calls salespeople make.

“We have a lot of clients to call, so knowing that we cover them month in and month out is important,” says Greg Esposito, a System Engineer at Daly and developer of the API application. Call volume isn’t the only thing that’s important. A longer call may lead to a sale and a bigger commission for the salesperson—but the report gives sales staff and management a good overview of both call volume and duration as an indicator of how hard sales staff members are working.

Daly is a value added reseller that works primarily with government and education customers in Maryland and Virginia. One of the purposes of creating custom reports using the RingCentral API, rather than the standard reports on, is to keep the focus on “real calls to real customers,” Esposito says. For example, the report filters out very short calls and calls to numbers outside of Maryland and Virginia, while attempting to match numbers called to customer records and sales prospects.

The on-premise phone system Daly used previously logged calls in a relational database and provided reports that could be customized through a drag-and-drop interface, Esposito says. However, the reports still wound up containing a lot of extraneous detail. For example, those reports included calls lasting less than 1 minute, which are not counted toward sales incentives. Sales managers would have to filter those out manually. By creating a custom solution, Esposito has been able to filter out everything but the essential information sales managers need to see.

His software pulls RingCentral data into a custom web portal, which is where Daly aggregates sales and customer data from a number of key systems, also including Microsoft Dynamics for ERP and Autotask for customer support. In addition to call statistics, his application retrieves presence data to make it easier for the staff to see who is in the office and available.

Daly implemented RingCentral in April, and Esposito was able to have a first version of the API integration live by May. “I took advantage of the PHP SDK provided on GitHub, and I was really impressed that they had all that stuff pretty much locked and loaded. The example code was fantastic,” he says.

Having examples he could use as a starting point was particularly important to him because he doesn’t consider himself a professional programmer. His primary job is system administration, so scripting and web development are tasks he undertakes on the side, as needed.

Still, he has a lot of ideas about how the application could be improved. For example, he would like to match calls identified through the API with the numbers of key contacts such as CIOs and CTOs. He has prototyped an application that could send a text message to the sales manager or a team of sales leaders whenever a salesperson gets one of those people on the phone. Daly did something similar with a conference it organized, so whenever a CIO or CTO checked in at registration the team would be notified that a big shot was in the house.

The possibilities are limitless, but the bottom line is clear: “We want to make sure salespeople are calling the right people,” Esposito says.

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Daly Computers is a value added reseller and has been a trusted IT service provider to government and education customers for nearly 30 years.

Year founded: 1987


Clarksburg, Maryland

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“I took advantage of the PHP SDK provided on GitHub, and I was really impressed that they had all that stuff pretty much locked and loaded. The example code was fantastic.”

— Greg Esposito

System Engineer

Daly Computers Inc.