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Catholic Cemeteries Association

Catholic Cemeteries Association Replaces Eight Different Phone Systems with RingCentral’s Cloud Business Solution

Catholic Cemeteries Association 
The oldest cemetery associated with the Catholic Cemeteries Association (CCA) dates back to 1849. The non-profit organization based out of northeast Ohio incorporates 18 cemeteries and 160 employees. The association was started in 1893 and has eight offices locations. 

Replacing an archaic system 
Every office affiliated with the CCA was running its own phone system, or traditional phone lines with multiline phones. Not only were they all separately hosted, which means they had to be managed and paid for independently, but there was no way of uniting them together. “We were using archaic systems, they were old and end-of-life. The functionality was limited so that we couldn’t just dial extensions to communicate between sites. Vendor support was very limited due to the parts being old and the only parts that were available were used,” explained Andrew Babic, the IT director for CCA. 

Intuitive and customizable 
When Andrew started to do research on replacing the systems, the replacement estimate ran between $35,000 and $75,000 upfront for equipment and installation. That’s when he started to dive deeper to look for options. “ I had heard about cloud solutions. RingCentral popped up as the leader in the market, so I decided to give it a try,” said Andrew. “The initial cost for setting up RingCentral was significantly less expensive.” 
The organization rolled RingCentral out at one of its offices. Andrew received the phones and spoke with a RingCentral technician who explained how to set up preferences and the extra features. “The whole system was pretty intuitive and very simple; within a few days I understood the technicality of it all,” stated Andrew. The association upgraded the other sites over a six-month period. 

Flexible management and dispersed employees 
Before when one of the offices would get a call, the representative would inform the caller of the correct number to call directly. Now, calls are transferred easily between locations. Andrew is able to set up departments and the caller can pick where their call is answered. Not only that, but the sequential calling Andrew has set up, rings several phones at the same time. “Our employees can be out in the field and calls can be routed directly to their cell phones. About 40 of our employees work in the fields with their cellphones being the only means to reach them,” explained Andrew. 

Having administrative control over all of the CCA’s offices and the ability to change things “on the go” has simplified and empowered Andrew. “Now I can record a message for every office all at once. ‘We are closed for the holiday’ is quickly made within five minutes and announced everywhere instead of offices forgetting and leaving their phones on,” said Andrew. 

In addition to all of the new departments, and simplified management that Andrew has with his new cloud business phone system, the association is saving more than $8,000 a year just on phone expenses. 

“It’s been a great experience with RingCentral. If someone inherits this job, I know that they won’t run into the troubles that I had to solve,” added Andrew.

Company profile

A Catholic non-profit organization consisting of 18 cemeteries and based out of northeast Ohio.

Year founded: 1893


Headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio

Size: 160+ employees

“Our employees can be out in the field and calls can be routed directly to their cell phones. About 40 of our employees work in the fields with their cellphones being the only means to reach them.”
- Andrew Babic, IT director