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Business Management Consultants

RingCentral pays off in savings and better service for accounts receivable management business.

Business Management Consultants is a home-based business with three employees, providing accounts receivable management for clients such as law firms. Based in Burlingame, Calif., they help clients manage their billings and serve as a centralized point of contact for their clients’ clients.

President Juan Gala purchased the company about a year and a half ago from the previous owner who had a phone line, fax line, and voicemail from AT&T that cost about $75 a month. It was very inconvenient and inefficient. Calls would ring the owner’s house not the employees’ phones. Employees had to call in to check voicemail multiple times a day, and clients weren’t able to reach them directly.

When looking to upgrade his phone setup, Gala knew he wanted a virtual PBX solution that would integrate his distributed staff and enable him to expand easily as his company grows. He considered Vonage, Phonebooth, and RingCentral. Gala said, “I chose RingCentral for the features, customer service, and ability to get more phone numbers and services. I get more for less.”

With RingCentral, Gala was able to reduce his phone expenses from $75 to $50-55 a month. “Now we’re saving about $20-25 a month with more features,” said Gala. 

While the company originally had only one phone number, Gala can easily add new phone numbers as he needs them with RingCentral. He added a toll-free number, so clients don’t have to pay long distance charges. He also got local numbers to create a local presence in more locations and uses temporary campaign-based numbers.

Gala continued, “About a month ago, I posted a job ad on Craigslist. I put a phone number because I needed help immediately. For $5, I added a number just for that campaign. For that prefix, I knew it was for that specific campaign for recruiting purposes.” He could immediately identify calls from job seekers and keep his company numbers private.

Another benefit of RingCentral has been the ability for his employees to use their cell phones or landlines for business calls and maintain a professional image, as well as their privacy. Being able to use the company’s number for the caller ID instead of a personal number or blocked number has been a key feature. “You don’t want customers to see your real number. You want to have some level of protection afforded to your employees when they’re doing their job. They could only press *69 to block their number before,” Gala explained. 

Now his employees can keep their personal numbers private and instantly know when they receive a business call or personal call on their phones. It’s also increased the likelihood of their calls getting answered now that a number displays on their customers’ caller ID instead of a blocked number. 

When it comes to other features, Gala enjoys the iPhone app, notification emails when he has a new voicemail or fax message, and answering rules that enable him to have his phone ring only during office hours. He also likes being able to set up accounts for his employees online. He plans to add the Click-to-Call feature to his website to make it even easier for customers to reach them. 

With RingCentral, Gala has been able to provide better customer service to his clients, make his employees’ jobs easier and more efficient, and save money every month. Talk about a win-win!


Management service saves money and integrates work-from-home employees.


Streamlined communications improve productivity and customer service.



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“I chose RingCentral for the features, customer service, and ability to get more phone numbers and services. I get more for less.”

- Juan Gala, President, Business Management Consultantse

“Now we’re saving about $20-25 a month with more features.”
- Juan Gala, President, Business Management Consultants