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Big Data Company Has Improved Customer Support, Reduced Expenses, and Standardized Its Global Workforce on One Easy-to-Use Phone Platform

Needed a phone solution that would work easily on day one, scale easily later.
Cloud-based RingCentral enabled easy office expansion and frictionless growth.
Continuing to benefit from RingCentral’s ease of use and cost-effectiveness.
Company profile
Company profile:
Founded in 2011 by engineers from the original team behind the open-source data platform Hadoop, this big data company has become a leading provider of software and services for open-source data management communities. In just seven years, the company has grown from its original 24-member team to a publicly traded organization with more than 1,100 employees around the world.
Year founded:
1,100+ employees
Santa Clara, CA

As this wildly successful big data software company grew from 750 employees to more than 1,100 in less than two years, growth that took the organization’s workforce into its nineteenth country, the company found itself struggling to support its rapidly growing global staff from an infrastructure and communications standpoint.

When joining the company in the midst of this rapid growth, the Senior

Manager for IT Services started working to solve several related challenges right away—from finding a better phone solution for the company’s globally distributed support reps to integrating the communication system into the company’s CRM platform to consolidating the enterprise’s redundant solutions and standardizing the organization on a single VoIP phone platform. RingCentral provided the answer to all of these challenges.

RingCentral solves several issues right away

“One of the most important applications for the new phone system was to improve how we were handling support calls,” the company’s Senior Manager of IT Services recalls. “So ease of use was key, and RingCentral made it very easy to roll out this new VoIP phone service to our offices around the world and get our reps up and running on it quickly.”

“A related priority for us was to create a more intelligent end-to-end process for routing and handling incoming calls,” the Senior Manager of IT Services continues. “Because RingCentral fully integrates with our Salesforce platform, we were able to upgrade our process from the basic

hunt-group method to a much more intelligent approach with time-zoned-based logic routing.”

“We were also managing several redundant vendor relationships for our communication services, and we wanted to consolidate those arrangements,” the Senior Manager of IT Services explains. “RingCentral Global Office and the RingCentral app have let us standardize our entire workforce on a single phone platform, and with RingCentral Meetings we’re able to run online meetings and video conferencing within this same environment.”

Smooth migration to RingCentral gives the IT teampeace of mind

The Senior Manager of IT Services and his team first sensed they had made the right decision in selecting RingCentral during the migration process—the completely problem-free migration process.

“The first phase, migrating our old phone numbers to the new RingCentral service, was easy,” he recalls. “One evening, done. No problems. No loss to our incoming calls.”

He then had a similarly easy time with the second phase, which involved porting over more than 100 of the company’s physical phones belonging

to support agents around the world. “I started the porting-over process at 6 p.m. on a Sunday evening doing a follow-the-sun approach, and by 6 a.m. Monday it was done,” he says. “Again, not a single problem and not a single lost customer call.”

“That smooth transition was great for our team because it gave peace of mind that RingCentral was the right platform for us, that we were now going to have an improved level of support call quality, and that we weren’t going to have issues with this service.”

Company-wide VoIP phone system continues generating benefits

Because the organization leverages RingCentral Global Office™ to let its employees around the world make and receive local calls using their company business numbers—even from their own mobile phones—the company has been able to significantly reduces its mobile phone expenses while helping its workforce be more productive.

“From a financial standpoint, RingCentral was the more cost-effective solution right out of the gate,” explains the Senior Manager of IT Services. “But the more our staff around the world uses the system, the more we are seeing it reduce our overall communications expenses. RingCentral has been a great investment.”

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