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You Cannot Recruit Top Talent Without Mobile Technology

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blog_image_mobile_app_6 Whether you are waiting in line at the coffee shop or fact-checking in the conference room, mobile devices are increasingly serving as the window to knowledge discovery. Earlier this year, MarketingLand reported that mobile internet browsing is up to 37 percent of all internet browsing.

What does that mean? Potential customers, potential business partners and even potential hires are discovering and evaluating your company on their mobile devices. So you’d better be prepared!

First, your website must be mobile-optimized. Nothing kills a first impression on mobile like having to resize a firm’s website. Upon first page load, every word should be legible, every graphic comprehensible and every call to action clear.

If you haven’t invested in a mobile-optimized site, go into Google Analytics to see how many people are viewing your website on a mobile device. You’ll know exactly how many people could be having a better experience with your company and be able to prioritize accordingly.

Second, be active on social networks. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are increasingly becoming our news sources. Social networks are the most likely place for your business to be discovered on mobile devices (and they take care of mobile optimization for you). Easy.

Third, convert your talented mobile visitors into candidates. If someone is interested enough to reach your mobile careers site, he or she is a high-priority lead that could add real business value for years to come. The technology behind mobile recruiting is made up of three parts: a mobile careers page, a mobile job ad and a mobile-friendly application process.

However a candidate reaches your careers page – whether it is from your homepage, a social network or somewhere else – the candidate should see a legible and up-to-date list of open positions. The key to a high-performing careers page on a mobile device is to let candidates know if you are hiring for their skill set. If the candidate quickly understands this and is a near match, he or she will click through to the job ad.

The purpose of a job posting is to convince talented people to express interest in the job. With SmartRecruiters, the “I’m Interested” button remains at the top of the mobile job ad as the candidate scrolls through the company description, job descriptions, qualifications and additional information. Once a piece of information within the job ad – wherever it is within the job ad – convinces a job seeker to apply, they do not have to scroll – they simply click “I’m Interested.”

Remember, more than a third of internet traffic occurs on mobile devices. This includes a lot of interested candidates, most of whom do not keep their resume saved on their mobile phones. To have a clean and quick application process, quality mobile recruiting technology connects to LinkedIn or Facebook so that a candidate’s information can auto-populate and be submitted to company quicker than you can say, “Mobile Recruiting is a BIG Competitive Advantage.”

As my CEO Jerome Ternynck said, “Why spend money to attract candidates and then push them to, ‘Please send your resume to BlackBox@You’’? I just don’t get it.” With  a mobile-optimized career page, job ad, and application experience, you are a step ahead of 90 percent of companies when it comes to attracting talent from the internet’s fastest-growing medium for traffic.

Originally published Oct 24, 2013, updated Aug 21, 2020

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