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Why This Self-Driving Car Represents the Future of Work

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Where RingCentral is based in Silicon Valley, Teslas seem about as common as Toyotas. Perhaps it’s because Tesla Motors is local to Palo Alto, Calif., and the cars themselves are assembled just across the bay in Fremont, Calif. Or, you know, it could have something to do with the conspicuous wealth around here.

In any case, there are plenty of Tesla sedans plying the Bay Area’s roads. But there aren’t any quite like this heavily modified one – introduced to the public this month at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland. xc_68_dwn_68_2014_hres

What’s unique about it – beyond a color scheme which Road & Track described as “psychedelic” – isn’t necessarily that it’s electric (all Teslas are) or autonomous. The Rinspeed XchangE, as this one-off Tesla Model S derivative is known, is also a fully functional mobile office.

According to Fast Company, the XchangE can maintain a persistent LTE data connection and communicate wirelessly with occupants’ mobile devices. The car comes equipped with a 32-inch video screen, and even includes an espresso machine.

Because the XchangE is capable of driving itself, drivers can sit back and let it handle traffic – all while responding to email, posting to social media sites or conducting a video meeting on the built-in screen. xc_63_dwn_63_2014_hres

Series production is not likely for the car – Rinspeed, the car’s Swiss builder, said it serves only to demonstrate “how cars will ‘move’ us just a few short years from now.”

Yet the XchangE does illustrate the potential of technology to help us become more productive, regardless of where we are. RingCentral was founded on this very principle. And RingCentral’s Office communications system, unlike Rinspeed’s creation, is ready to enable virtual work in the present day.

That’s true whether you’re in California’s Silicon Valley, Manhattan’s Silicon Alley, or somewhere in between.

Images courtesy of Rinspeed.


Originally published Mar 27, 2014, updated Aug 11, 2020

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