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Why Social Media Integration Really Matters for Your Business

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social media integrationSocial media can’t be ignored in today’s marketing environment. Businesses have realized the power of social media and now it is considered to be an integral part of business strategy.

Social media is an easy and cost-effective way to reach millions of potential customers and promote your brand. Virality of content via social media is impressive. But it’s essential to understand how to engage with the right audience in the right place and time. Using social media channels you can increase exposure, generate leads, get a loyal audience, improve search ranking, reduce expenses, improve sales and establish business relationships. And this isn’t even the full list of all the benefits which social media can provide.

It’s proven that people who are engaged with your brand via social media are more likely to become your customers. Nevertheless, by itself, social media may not be enough. In order to make it one of your greatest forces, you should integrate it with marketing strategy and plan. Social media integration can help your business reach all your marketing touch points and your ultimate success. But what are the best ways for integration and why?

1) Email marketing & social media – powerful and effective mix to attract customers

Though email campaigns have longer outreach – about 91% of internet users check their emails daily, compared to 61% who check social media – social media users are more likely to convert and share your messages. Hence, social media in combination with email campaigns can be a powerful force.

iContact – email marketing platform that offers workflow automation, email segmentation, customized landing pages and great social media functions. If you need social media listening and sharing in your campaigns, it’s a good solution.

MailChimp – email marketing platform with powerful customization, automation and filtering features. Its social media features include posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but with less flexibility than iContact. (Check out a few email marketing examples here.)

For more personal targeting you may like CRM platforms like Nimble or Insightly. They both integrate easily with MailChimp and other third party tools offering nice social media options.

2) Video marketing & social media – perfect combination for great exposure

Contribution of video marketing to the growth of business is undeniable. People like visual perception of information. Promotion of videos on social media is a great potential for your business and it can give you impressive exposure.

There are a lot of free and low cost solutions for your video hosting. YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion are free, but they have lots of restrictions and limitations as for video content and ads. Commercial and advertising videos are likely to be removed there.

SproutVideo – affordable and powerful video hosting with analytics, tracking, full customization and security features. Its fully customizable and unbranded player provides an unlimited number of themes for your videos.

3) Customer service & social media – get your thumb on the pulse of customers’ opinions

Social media is the best tool to find out what your customers think about your products or services. Feedback that you get on social media can provide you with an idea of how your customer service works.

Zoho Support – cost-effective solution for customer support. Responding to tickets through social media makes your brand’s customer service more efficient.

There are so many tools with social media integration and sometimes it’s not easy to decide which one to use. A simple way to do this is to choose the tool which best fits your business strategy. All the solutions reviewed above offer free trials, so you can test them and find the best option for your business.

What tools have you tried to use to boost your business’ social media outreach?

Originally published Nov 23, 2015, updated Aug 11, 2020

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