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It’s widely acknowledged that managing cash flow is one of the main obstacles for business operations. Keeping a tight rein on income vs. expenditures is not always easy, especially when significant outlay for new infrastructure is required.

Many strive to ensure their business maintains full control of operational costs from month to month and eliminate any costly surprises. One way to achieve this is to rent equipment rather than buying it outright.

If you are wondering if renting telephones may be a favourable option for your business, here are three main benefits to consider:

1. No upfront payment

Low pre-determined monthly costs enable more effective monthly budgeting without the complications of additional and irregular capital expenditure. This can be an important consideration when looking to gain greater cash flow predictability and avoid any shortfalls.

2. Maintain full flexibility

Renting ensures you will never have to worry about having too many or too few phones. As your business grows or downsizes, the number of handsets scales alongside your operations. Your phone system will meet your exact demands, whilst you maintain full control of costs. And you can return rented phones to RingCentral at any time.

3. Always stay up to date

Whereas ownership means your phone technology will eventually become outdated, renting enables continual access to the newest and most sophisticated features. You’ll ensure your business is ready to compete at the highest standards without placing pressure on financial resources.

Visit RingCentral’s to appreciate how RingCentral’s phone rental options could be a good idea if your business requires a worry-free way of running an enterprise-level phone system.