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4 Reasons Why Great Storytelling Matters for Mobile Branding

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People are hungry for content and brands needs to have an expertise in storytelling in order to satisfy the content demands of their audiences.

In the mobile-era, where companies are busy approaching users on their smartphones, a good story which is able to reach customers in their exact micro moment increases the chances of brand loyalty and conversions.

Grabbing someone’s attention in as little as 10 seconds is not easy, and brands need to remain aware of the latest methodologies to enhance brand dominance. Successful mobile marketing strategy coupled with good storytelling is a recipe for marketing success in 2016 and beyond.

Using a Master Story to Reach The Entire Marketing Funnel

Your brand story must extend to the entire marketing funnel and must follow the below tenets:

1) The AIDA Approach

AIDA is a marketing approach that defines the steps which users takes in order to complete the funnel. The common list of events that happens in the life cycle of customer purchase are:

AIDA 2) The Race Model 

Following the race model in storytelling is of great use. RACE stands for: Reach > Act > Convert > Engage. It is similar to the above model and includes all the activities to guide the customer towards the end of the marketing funnel.

race model

One of the best ways to keep the audience engaged is by organizing a webinar. You can easily set up one to one interactions using webinars and conference calls with the help of tools like RingCentral.  From webcasts to in-person events, learn new ways that the RingCentral platform can transform your business communications. ringcentral network

3) Keep the Audience Engaged

Remember, your brand story should revolve around a problem that your audiences cares the most about, and how your business is best able to help users solve this problem. This helps your business sound like a necessity for your targeted audiences so they will usually feel more of an attachment around the discussion and solution to the problem they are already facing. The problem should serve as the anchor of the story.

When it comes to keeping the audience engaged on their mobile devices, QR codes can be a great resource. These codes can be used to send the users directly to the app download page. The free QR code generator from Spaces is a great tool to get started. Instagram followed a similar strategy to increase the number of app downloads.

You need to understand that characters alone do not make a story. It should have proper escalation, should not be dull, should have rises and falls and most important, should have scope for action and feedback. qr generator

4) Gentle Conflict with a Visual Touch

Every story should have some type of conflict, but portraying conflicts requires research and creativity.

Today, we are living in the age of visual media so mobile audiences should be reached using visual channels. Images, videos, infographics, graphic illustrations are best mediums of storytelling that help to drive maximum user engagement.

Here are some great examples of  mobile branding that are hard to miss:

1) Starbucks – Innovation to Keep the Offline Experiences Alive

The Starbucks mobile app lets you easily pay for purchases, collect Stars and earn rewards with Starbucks Rewards™, find stores, and so much more. You can also tip your barista digitally, and download the free Pick of the Week, right in the app.

It lets the users remain connected to the brand even though the customer is not sitting at the coffee shop. Starbucks was extremely successful with this approach as it first identified the broken experiences which the customers faced while ordering their favorite cup of coffee and eased it with an innovative approach that enabled the customers to remain connected to the brand.

starbucks mobile app

2) The In-app Referral Program by Airbnb

Airbnb’s in-app referral program helped them increase bookings by over 25% in some markets. Moreover, the strategy aimed at targeting the users when they are likely to refer, for example just after booking a reservation, or after leaving a positive review was timed perfectly to get the best response from their customers.

airbnb referrals

Great! You’re all set to deliver a great mobile branding experience. Hacking the word of mouth referral into something innovative using mobile apps/sites and reaching the user in their exact mobile micro moment requires the right amount of planning.

Have you experienced other brands use these strategies with positive results? Please share with us in comments below.

Originally published Jul 15, 2016, updated Sep 20, 2021

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