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When Is It Time to Move Out of the Home Office?

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messyoffice In this first post of a two-part blog series about selecting the best office space for your small business, we’ll be discussing when it might be time to venture beyond a home office. And on Monday, we’ll be providing you with creative and cost-effective solutions when you need outside office space – all on the RingCentral Blog for Small Business.

The benefits of working from a home office are undoubtedly clear to many small business owners. Without a commute or even a need to wear anything dressier than a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, the convenience and comfort factors are substantial. Of course, there are also the cost savings.

However, there are definitely circumstances that can warrant the need to get an outside office. While the work-from-home lifestyle can be compelling, it’s also important to know when it might be time to consider other options. Here are a few of the indicators that it might be time to find a new office space.

You’ve Outgrown Your Space
If you’re struggling to figure out where to put the new printer because there just isn’t room between your file cabinet and the queen-sized bed that also sits in your office/spare bedroom, a larger space that can be devoted just to your business may be necessary. Piles of equipment or papers that are interfering with either your work or your family life also send a signal that it’s time to consider an outside office.

The Distractions Are Overwhelming
Dogs barking and family members needing your assistance will not only minimize your productivity but can be heard on calls and teleconferences. While most understand the demands of juggling business and home life, constant interruptions and background noise are not necessarily helpful when you’re trying to project a professional image.

It’s Interfering with Your Personal Life
Are you finding yourself not able to “turn off” business at the end of the day? This is a common problem, especially for home-based business owners who feel that they are on 24/7 duty because they never truly get away from their office. If enjoying your personal life is impossible because you seem to always be working, an office away from home might be the answer.

Your Setup Is No Longer Working for You
You’ve cobbled together a makeshift workspace over the years as your business has grown. However, this may be hindering your ability to provide the best service to your customers. This realization is often the impetus for many to take the next step in finding an office that can help them take their business to a higher level.

There’s Nowhere to Meet Clients
When a big portion of your business involves meeting with clients, you may need more than just the local coffee shop. When you want to present to a larger group or need a truly professional meeting space, you’ll need to find something a little more appropriate than a café. One option is to rent office space – you’ll get a set amount of hours in an office, along with access to a conference room setup.

You Have the Budget
Small businesses often launch from home-based offices to save money during those first lean years. It’s perfectly natural to want to cut costs when trying to get a business off the ground. But when you have the income to afford a move, an outside office could be a good investment.

You Feel Detached
Feeling isolated is a common complaint of business owners who choose to work from home. While networking events and lunches with friends and colleagues can certainly help maintain some level of engagement with the outside world, some individuals simply work better when they are in the company of other working adults. In this situation, co-working spaces are often the ticket to helping provide a sense of belonging while still being less expensive than a full-scale office.
Whatever your working situation, RingCentral makes an ideal partner. By simplifying communications to accommodate any type of business environment, RingCentral provides world-class functionality for both home-based business owners and those with outside offices.

Originally published May 13, 2011, updated Aug 21, 2020

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