business halloween Communications nightmares should never interrupt your dream business. It’s time to take complete control and exorcise these devilish issues for good.

Sluggish responses

Customers don’t wait around. The good news is you probably have a mobile phone on you at all times. If you can’t get to your desk phone, your calls can divert to your mobile automatically. If you’re busy, simply ensure calls forward to another colleague or another one of your contact numbers.

Spine-chilling callers

Remember that car accident you had, or that PPI claim you took out? Thought not. Never fear, you’ll be able to see the cold-callers coming with call screening take complete control over who can reach you by phone.

Chained to the desk

The beauty of the cloud is that calls can exist everywhere, not just at the end of a single line. Set your employees free to work where they want, you may even be surprised how this can help boost their overall productivity.

Isolated staff

Yes, people can reach home workers and agile workers on their mobiles, but it’s always an extra step for customers. A cloud system means one number can reach their devices wherever they work.

Shocking bills

If you use mobile phones and conferencing as well as a phone system, you are most likely at the mercy of three separate providers. An all-in-one system makes for a more cost effective and smoother experience.

Missing employees

Sickness, holidays, doing the school run, working part-time: there are many instances when people are not available to answer their calls. Rather than miss customers’ calls, call handling fills in the gaps. Calls can simply redirect to someone else in the organization who is ready to support incoming calls.

Lost in the Void

Ever been placed on hold and feel forgotten about? Perhaps you’ve met a dead end after your call has been transferred? Your customers should never have to experience this as long as you have a helpful directory and call queuing system.What's haunting your business_-01Do you have ghoulies in your existing business phone system? Let us help make your communications far less scary this Halloween.