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Whatever Your Industry, RingCentral is Here to Help Your Business Thrive


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industry verticles 2RingCentral is a fully integrated communications solution. Our cloud phone system can help businesses in any industry thrive. The RingCentral cloud phone system brings together all the modern ways you communicate—text, voice, online meetings, online fax, and more—with all the modern ways you work—at multiple locations, remotely, and via mobile—into a unified communications solution that is easy to deploy, easy to maintain, and easy on the budget. Learn how RingCentral can help businesses in manufacturing, legal sector and retail/restaurant industries.


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Manufacturing companies must collaborate efficiently to be able to get their goods out the door on time. On any given day, manufacturing executives communicate frequently with their entire supply chain, and often times everyone is in different locations. Managers and executives need a unified, fully integrated business phone solution that increases productivity while reducing operational costs and manufacturing delays.

Manufacturing companies need a phone system that is more powerful and flexible than a traditional on-premise PBX system. With RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system, you don’t have to make compromises to meet your functionality, flexibility, and cost needs. With cloud PBX, you can access your phone system from everywhere. There is no complex hardware to install or maintain so the features and functions are continually updated. This results in simplified billing for all your services and locations.

Customer Insights

“Every single user has a direct direct-dial, direct fax, SMS messaging, and the ability to forward calls how they like. The system is very intuitive, and it is simple to log in and get what you need done. With RingCentral we were able to create different tiers of support, and customers can contact us directly. I knew that we were going down the right path with RingCentral, and now our customers can testify to this as well.” —Brent Cowing, Senior Systems Engineer, Next Level Security Systems


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Delivering winning, world-class legal services require a unified communications platform that ensures your clients always have an open, direct line to your law firm. The ability to remain in constant contact with your clients and associates regardless of time, location, or medium can make or break your case.

The RingCentral phone system instantly streamlines communications across multiple offices and to remote and mobile professionals. With no costly hardware to maintain, RingCentral is highly adaptable, intuitive, and more powerful than a traditional PBX phone system. With built-in audio conferencing, it’s effortless for associates to join conference calls and collaborate with clients at a moment’s notice.

RingCentral Meetings makes it possible to connect face-to-face online with anyone for real-time file sharing and collaboration. RingCentral ensures you never miss a vital conversation. On-demand call recording lets you instantly start recording a phone conversation anytime during your call; and then conveniently access recordings online for playback and analysis.

Customer Insights

“We have a lot of tech-savvy attorneys at our firm. We love using the mobile app when we need to get work done remotely between hearings and when we are on the road. We also like using the online interface—it’s really convenient and easy to use. We like to have a presence in every state that we practice law, even if we are not physically at that office location at a given time. It doesn’t matter if person is the next room or another state, with RingCentral we can dial someone via extension or transfer calls to them quickly and easily.” —Jennifer Boldi, Attorney-at-Law, Resnick & Louis


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Retail and restaurant business professionals understand that being on the leading edge of market trends is a pivotal factor that creates memorable experiences for customers and sets them apart from the competition. To stay ahead, you need a business phone system that supports all the modern ways you want to communicate with customers, while being easy to manage across multiple locations.

Robust call routing and handling rules ensures you can deliver remarkable customer service with confidence. Responsive call routing sends calls directly to any desired department or person, even across locations. Multi-level auto-attendant (or IVR) enables customers to reach the right department every time, day or night. Powerful and intuitive reporting helps you keep an eye on operating margins and marketing trends. Easily analyze your inbound/outbound call activity, or identify customer call patterns based on responses to advertising campaigns—with reports you can view online.

Customer Insights

“It excites me about the partnership between RingCentral and is that it allows us to grow our business very quickly, to open new offices, and to grow our telephone system exponentially and easily, without having to worry.” —Derek Hardy, Chief Technology Officer,

“RingCentral allows everyone to be on the same system. Not only is it easier for them to communicate, but I can easily administrate on the fly for any location from my iPad or the web portal. It makes more sense than an on-premise PBX for someone that has to control different locations.” —Linda Halbruner, Senior Director of IT, Dessange International

Originally published Oct 27, 2014, updated Sep 08, 2020

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