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What Is RingCentral Meetings? Three Reasons to Adopt Meetings in Your Business

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Feb 25, 2014

How well does your business communicate internally and externally? If you’re using RingCentral Office, you already know how VoIP enables seamless voice communication on desk phones, PCs, smartphones and tablets. Now, you can enjoy the same user-friendly functionality with Meetings – our brand-new video conferencing feature.

CT-2331-Video-Conferencing Meetings is currently available to Office Enterprise customers in the US. It’s a totally free add-on for all Enterprise users – and if your organization is currently using WebEx or Citrix for video conferencing, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month by switching to Meetings.

Yet cost savings aren’t the only reason to give Meetings a try. Here are three of the product’s best innovations!

File sharing in a few taps or clicks

Meetings works on Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android devices. (There is a free Meetings app for each – visit your platform’s app store and search “RingCentral Meetings” to find it.)

No matter what operating system you’re on, Meetings makes it easy to share documents, images and other file types – whether they are stored locally or in the cloud.

In the Meetings app for iOS, for example, just tap the sharing icon at the lower right corner of the screen to pull up Meetings’ sharing options:

photo Host or join a video conference from anywhere

Using Meetings on a laptop, tablet or smartphone? As long as you’ve got a data connection, you can launch or participate in a Meetings video conference.

The behind-the-scenes technology that powers Meetings will automatically adjust video quality depending on the strength of your data connection. A 4G or Wi-Fi connection typically allows for high-definition video; slower connections will result in lower-quality video. (Audio quality should be strong on all but the weakest networks.)

Invite anyone

It’s easy to invite attendees once a video conference has started. Look for the “invite others” icon at the bottom of the Meetings window:

photo 1

Tapping the icon opens a new window with options to send invitations via email or text message:

photo 2 Either option will send a link to open the meeting within the Meetings app. If an invitee hasn’t installed the app, he or she will be prompted to download it.

(People who don’t want to download the app can join the audio conference by calling the appropriate dial-in number for their country.)

With so many great features, Meetings can revolutionize how your business communicates. Check it out today!

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