platform response to fuze

Two years ago, we launched the RingCentral Connect Platform for developers and platform partners. We did what none of our competitors were able to do — create an open, self-service platform that allowed businesses to seamlessly integrate our cloud communications services with third party critical business applications used in the enterprise. We offered developers and ISVs an unprecedented level of customization with our open architecture, allowing them to add and extend the value of their investments in their existing cloud app ecosystem.

Since then, our platform team has developed 350 APIs, enabling our customers to build custom integrations that enhance their businesses workflows, while also empowering our technology partners to build applications that enrich the end-user experience. In addition, we’ve delivered integrations with mission critical business applications for Google, Microsoft 365, Zapier, Oracle, Box and Salesforce, among numerous others.

Only now are our competitors beginning to open their platforms.  With their lag time on innovation, it’s no surprise RingCentral is a leader and farthest to the right along the Completeness of Vision axis in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS, Worldwide. Plus, our open platform was developed in-house and is our own so developers can feel secure when making API calls to build their integrations.

RingCentral has produced apps for a variety of CRM, support, and storage providers, and the design and framework upon which the RingCentral Connect Platform is built makes possible every integration a customer may think of.

We work with our customers to move integrations from just being a possibility, to becoming a reality. RingCentral offers full API Documentation, a rich library of SDKs, and actively maintains its presence in GitHub and Stack Exchange.

Software providers can immediately begin development to produce apps for our growing ecosystem, or existing customers can build integrations between our platform and their other providers. Alternatively, our Professional Services team is happy to provide the white glove service and build it for them if they lack the in-house capabilities or need to off-load developer work.  Customers having control over their communications platform gives them the freedom to define what’s critical to their business.

The increasing number of customers adding open development platform availability to their list of “must-haves” when considering a cloud communications provider reinforces that RingCentral is at the cutting edge of technology, and that we continue to invest in the right technologies to remain ahead. It also reiterates what we’ve been saying all along, which is that companies resistant to moving to the cloud will lose their competitive advantage and become irrelevant, as others in the industry move forward to capitalize on the “app economy,” ultimately delivering increased efficiency, productivity and a unified experience.

I’m so invigorated about being part of a team that is building the largest application ecosystem in UCaaS. It’s exciting to see our customers become educated and empowered to change their businesses and further their competitive edge because of our open platform. I do not know where the next big thing on the technology landscape will take RingCentral, but what I do know is that we’ll already be there by the time everyone else arrives.