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VoIP and 21st Century Communications

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The world of work has changed. Our always-connected lifestyles means we’re now working longer hours and in a whole range of different locations. On top of that, as competition becomes more fierce, customers expect better service and quicker responses.

For a company to thrive, its communication systems need to be optimized to handle the demands of today’s business environment. But despite rapid advances in computing technology and telecommunications, the traditional business phone system has remained essentially unchanged since the 1980s. The office desk phone can no longer provide businesses with the flexibility to match the requirements of the 21st century.

Whilst big businesses utilise advanced on-site PBX systems to handle and re-route calls, such a solution can be prohibitively costly and complex to implement for the smaller business. However, the advent of cloud telephony entirely removes this limitation; virtual PBX systems require no additional hardware and all setup takes place remotely.

This puts even the smallest of businesses on a level playing field when it comes to communications.

So if you feel it could be time to upgrade your business telephone system, here’s what to consider:

The days of working 9-to-5 are now firmly in the past. The rules have changed – and to stay ahead, it’s time to enlist a smarter telephone in the working revolution.

Originally published Dec 23, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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