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Voice be Heard with RingCentral and Alexa for Business

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In November 2017, Amazon announced Alexa for Business and as a launch partner with Amazon, RingCentral introduced two new integrations that interact with Alexa. These RingCentral integrations enabled the use of voice commands to join meetings, send text messages, listen to voicemails, and make calls quickly and intuitively through an Alexa powered device.

To follow up on these announcements, we are now inviting interested customers to join our open beta for Amazon Alexa and RingCentral integrations.

RingCentral Meetings for Alexa for Business: Reduce the steps to start and manage online meetings or conference calls. Use your voice to manage or start a meeting by with basic voice commands.

“Alexa, Start Meeting”

– As a host, eliminate the friction and time spent searching for a meeting ID.

“Alexa, Join Meeting”

– As a participant, quickly join a meeting without having to remember a conference dial-in.

“Alexa, End Meeting”

– End or leave a meeting with a voice command.

To use RingCentral Meetings for Alexa for Business you must have a valid subscription to RingCentral Rooms and Amazon Alexa for Business with an AWS account.

Sign up now to be a beta customer with RingCentral Meetings for Alexa for Business.

RingCentral Skills for Alexa:

With security and privacy in mind, RingCentral Skills for Alexa uses Alexa voice recognition to authenticate your voice identity when accessing voicemails and text messages.

Use your voice to listen and reply to voicemails and text messages. Simplify your life with just a few commands to quickly check who’s left you messages with phrases such as:

“Alexa, Ask RingCentral to check my voicemails”

– Quickly lets you listen to your unheard voicemails and reply to that voicemail.

Never miss a text by saying:

“Alexa, Ask RingCentral to check my text messages”

– Listen to your unread text messages and quickly respond to the message.

To use RingCentral Skills for Alexa you must have a valid subscription to RingCentral and an Alexa enabled device.

Sign up now to be a beta user with RingCentral Skills for Alexa for Business

We know that voice assistants will become a powerful presence in the workplace and RingCentral is focused on delivering seamless communications and collaboration experiences to drive productivity with our customers. Together, Amazon and RingCentral are committed to blending voice commands you use everyday to access vital business features. Be a part of these exciting new products by joining our Beta program. Learn more at the RingCentral app gallery.

Originally published Jan 17, 2018, updated Aug 11, 2020

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