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Vigor Systems Chooses RingCentral for Scalability and Easy Management

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Vigor Systems creates content distribution and ad insertion platforms for television channels. Vigor Systems has 25 employees and a market appearance of 3.3 million television ad spots per month. With customers such as CBS and Warner Bros., the company continually strives to create innovative technology. Founded in 2002, Vigor Systems’ headquarters are in La Jolla, Calif. 

Vigor Systems previously used Grasshopper as its main business phone system. Grasshopper did not provide any physical desk lines, forcing employees to use the app on their personal cell phones. This proved to be an issue because not all employees had smartphones, creating a communication barrier. As Vigor Systems began to grow, IT Manager Ian Loyo needed to find a complete business phone solution that fit both employees’ and the company’s needs. 

“We looked into installing an on-premise PBX phone system and we were quoted at $8,000-$12,000. The combined costs of installation, migration and running the server were going to be too expensive,” he explains. “We chose RingCentral because it is easy to manage and easy to scale from a few users to many.”

Installing an on-premise PBX phone system at Vigor Systems would have meant relying on external technicians for all servicing and maintenance. A PBX phone system could also affect customer relations—if the system were to reboot, it would be down for an extended period of time. The nature of Vigor Systems’ work does not allow for downtime, as the firm’s customers rely on it to provide ad insertion on a large scale.

Vigor Systems chose to leverage the cloud for data storage after the devastating fires in the San Diego area raised issues regarding data storage. The company wanted to be ready for any potential future threats – so it chose not to use local servers and instead rely on the cloud for mobility and reliability.

“RingCentral is a professional phone system that will help our customers build confidence in us,” Loyo says. “Choosing a phone system based in the cloud seemed like the best fit since we, too, are a cloud-based company.”

The features RingCentral provides help employees make more effective use of their valuable time. Employees can now change their own settings and customizations, which would not have been possible had a PBX phone system been installed (since technicians would have been required to make even the smallest changes).

From an IT standpoint, Loyo is happy with the new system as well—he can easily access and manage the company’s system from any computer, tablet or smartphone. As a growing company, Vigor Systems must be able to onboard new staff members quickly and efficiently. VigorSystems_202x76

“Our RingCentral phones come preconfigured and save me a significant amount of time,” Loyo says. “Now, when a new user is added to our phone system, when the phone arrives all I need to do is customize it and deploy it.”

The ability to make international phone calls is also convenient for Vigor Systems employees. Now with RingCentral, employees have the ability to check voicemails through desk phones, e-mail or the mobile app, all through the internet and without having to worry about the amount of minutes that they use.

In addition, switching to RingCentral has produced significant savings on conference calling. “We’re really excited to be using conferencing with RingCentral,” Loyo says. “We used to have an expensive prepaid conference service that charged us by the minute. Now that everyone has their own conference lines, setting up meetings is easy and we have eliminated an additional cost.”

Originally published Jun 05, 2014, updated Oct 19, 2020

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