Latest Recognition by Omdia UCaaS Scorecard Ranks RingCentral in First Place for Fifth Year in a Row

The ultimate recognition for any company is happy customers who are benefitting from the use of your product.  Our mission is to help people and businesses to communicate and collaborate – to work – from anywhere.  When you combine amazing innovation with a laser focus on making customers successful, people take notice.  

Not even halfway through the year, RingCentral has already won six awards recognizing how we’re helping customers work from anywhere. We could not be prouder of this recognition, but we know that our success happens when our customers are successful. 

What was RingCentral recognized for?

Organizations around the world are deciding on how best to approach this new world of work — managing both remote and in-person staff. Countless surveys and studies point to hybrid being the best model moving forward, and in hybrid arrangements, employees need to have a seamless, continuous experience no matter where they are — whether working from a coffee shop or in the office. 

This is where the true magic of unified communications shines. Preferred modes of communication and collaboration vary by individual, so customers need a solution where they can easily switch modes. Video is not more important than phone or chat — Message, Video, and Phone (MVP) are all of equal importance depending on which moment in time you’re in. At RingCentral, MVP is what we do. We power business communications so people can work smarter. 

As a company, we have always taken a customer-first approach. It dictates everything we do. And as we continue to be heads down, working hard to provide the best communications and collaboration platform for enterprises all over the world, it is nice to take this moment to pause, take a breath, and look at what we have achieved so far. These accolades give us that boost to keep on innovating so we can anticipate what our customers need before they even know they need it. We are grateful for this recognition, and look forward to more innovation to come.