Veredus is an IT staffing company that offers both contract and permanent placement services. Headquartered in Tampa, the company has 10 offices in the eastern U.S. Technology services manager Ryan Goode says growth has been steady and consistent.

“We’ve been adding a couple offices a year for the past two or three years,” Ryan says.

According to Ryan, Veredus’ growth can be chalked up to its relationship-based approach to staffing. Veredus strives to create career-long relationships – a tactic that requires the firm to stay in constant contact with with both clients and job seekers.

Collectively, Ryan notes, Veredus’ 155 employees spend about 250,000 minutes on the phone per month. That’s a mind-bendingly big number. And it’s one of the main reasons why a phone plan billed on a variable (per-minute) basis simply wouldn’t cut it for Veredus.

When the company was shopping around for a hosted PBX phone system in 2010, Ryan says, RingCentral was the only option that offered unmetered calling plans. Veredus’ decade-old physical PBX was sorely in need of replacement, and the company wanted to unify all of its offices under a single phone system. Veredus knew that hosted PBX was the way to go, and RingCentral – thanks to its unlimited plans – was simply the best option.

After two years, Ryan indicates, RingCentral has proven to be the right choice. “RingCentral lets us do what makes sense for growth,” he says. “Whether we added 10 offices a year or zero offices a year, RingCentral matches up with what we are doing.”

RingCentral has helped make Veredus more flexible in another way, too. Many of Veredus’ sales employees work out in the field, so RingCentral’s mobile apps are hugely advantageous in helping them stay connected.

Veredus’ Ryan Goode

Ryan himself likes having the ability to use RingCentral’s app to read and delete messages. Plus, he adds, “being able to extension-dial right from the app is nice.”

For Ryan and Veredus, the ultimate value-add to RingCentral service is that it makes life easier. Centrally managed VoIP phone service is ideal for a fast-growing enterprise like Veredus, Ryan has found.

“RingCentral just works,” he says.