Have you thanked your customers lately? This November, RingCentral can help you say “thanks!” to those who buy your products or services.

RingCentral’s features – such as customized voicemail greetings or on hold messages – can be used to show your customers that you appreciate them. Voicemail greetings and on hold messages don’t incur additional costs to implement – and even if you work from home or in a small office, they can give your firm a much more polished and professional image.

RingCentral’s special features can also open new sales and marketing channels for your business. With RingCentral’s on hold messages, for example, you can not only express your gratitude for your customers’ patronage but pique their interest about promotions and new features.

So if you’re looking for a new way to thank YOUR customers, look no further than RingCentral. Its phone system features are easy to implement, don’t cost any additional money and can easily help you show just how much you value your customers.