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After the Cloud, Where Are Business Phone Systems Going?


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As business itself changes, business phone systems are also in a state of evolution. Phone systems have moved from hardware PBX systems to virtual PBX solutions. Instead of having a closet full of telephone equipment, small businesses can offload the cost of buying and maintaining equipment to service providers and get their telephony delivered via the internet.

While phone systems remain crucial to most types of businesses, unified communications platforms offer advanced features that companies need to thrive in a modern business environment. That’s where UCaaS (unified communications as a service) comes in.

UCaaS represents the next stage in the evolution of communications. Now small businesses can get all of their communication needs met by a single provider in an integrated communications platform. There are many upsides, starting with simple pricing that doesn’t require you to purchase dedicated equipment. UCaaS offers small- and medium-sized businesses the flexibility to offer the features their employees need, from video conferencing and online meetings to team messaging and collaboration, presence notifications, and more. Unified communications are also scalable to fit both long-term and seasonal growth.

A unified communications solution provides simpler and more economical access to a wide variety of features. By adopting a UCaaS solution, businesses can eliminate the costs of installing and maintaining hardware, as well as reduce the IT costs of supporting a range of separate services that aren’t designed to work together. With UCaaS, companies are able to be more agile, adopting new technologies as a company’s communication needs change.

UCaaS systems also offer much more flexible administration than traditional phone systems. Rather than relying on specialized technical support to add users or reconfigure existing systems, UCaaS can be configured on the fly from a desktop computer or mobile device.

UCaaS can do so much more than save money and time, however. Unified communications also empowers users by providing better tools while using devices that they are already familiar with. Telephone calls are no longer the sole method of interacting with customers or colleagues, and UCaaS solutions are poised to adapt to the ways your business works.

Whether it’s Business SMS or RingCentral Glip team collaboration, a UCaaS solution allows your employees to communicate using the most appropriate medium. Because UCaaS systems are built around users rather than specific equipment, companies can easily integrate remote workers, whether they are full-time or just occasional telecommuters.

UCaaS also takes the headache out of BYOD. RingCentral works seamlessly on computers, phones, and tablets. Because users are already comfortable with their own mobile devices, there’s less strain on IT personnel for support. UCaaS simplifies the complexities of working across mobile devices, and the seamless integration across platforms improves productivity and your ability to focus on business rather than equipment.

Flexibility and mobility are key features of a modern communications system. UCaaS gives your business the ability to connect employees and customers as easily as possible and offer features that will keep your business moving forward.

Originally published Dec 07, 2016, updated Sep 17, 2020

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