It’s a simple fact: Customers use your phone number to reach you. So it makes sense to deploy local numbers when you want to reach more customers and explore new markets.

Get started by taking a look at your call logs to see where most of your calls are coming from.

  • If you’re a nationwide business with a toll-free number, use Call Logs to look for opportunities in places where you’d like to do more business. For instance, if you don’t receive a lot of calls on the West Coast, consider purchasing local numbers in metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • If you’re a local business in a major city but get regular calls from neighboring cities, consider adding numbers in those area codes – or even getting a toll-free number – to help you cast a wider net.
  • Most callers won’t know they can use your number for calling and faxing. Consider adding a direct fax-only line, especially if you get a lot of faxes.

The more accessible you are to your customers, the more likely they are to rely on your services. And that can help expand your reach into new markets.