Traveling abroad? Working from home? Use RingOut to make calls using your RingCentral phone system from any phone or computer.

RingOut will help you:

1. Save money
The system calls you first before connecting your call, so you won’t be charged for making an outbound call. Use it from a hotel room, for example.

2. Maintain a professional appearance from anywhere.
Display your RingCentral number on the recipient’s Caller ID from any phone, whether you’re calling from a home or mobile phone.


Here’s how to use RingOut:
On your computer, use the RingCentral Call Controller™ to call any number quickly from programs like Microsoft Outlook. Just highlight the number, and press F6. The Call Controller will open.


Select the number for your current location, or add a new one. Click Call, and we’ll call you. When you answer, a voice prompt will say, “Hello, to connect this call, press 1.” When you do, RingCentral then connects your call.

Find out more about using Call Controller.

Here’s how to use RingOut on your iPhone
Download and launch the RingCentral app. Dial the number you want to reach. The caller will see your RingCentral business number on their Caller ID – not your personal mobile phone number.

Learn more about RingCentral for the iPhone.