Twitter has become an essential customer service tool in today’s business world, but finding the right Twitter client can be a challenging process. TweetDeck and Seismic are the most popular, but they don’t necessarily have the features you need to support your social media efforts. We put together a list of some of our favorite business-centric Twitter clients below – hope they will help you keep track of your tweets!

1. CoTweet: CoTweet is a web-based Twitter client made especially with business owners in mind. The difference between CoTweet and popular desktop clients like Seismic and TweetDeck is that the former gives business owners the ability to add multiple users to one account, assign tweets to users for follow-up, see who’s on duty at all times and track any escalated issues through notes and user names. The interface is very clean and simple, so even a person who’s never used Twitter could understand how it works. Other notable features include integration with social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn), message archiving, URL shortening, threaded conversations and click-tracking stats. CoTweet is a free service that’s already being used by big companies like Coca-Cola, Ford and Starbucks.


2. HootSuite: Another professional web-based Twitter client on our radar is called HootSuite. The incredible Twitter client is a mix between TweetDeck and CoTweet in many ways, so it’s a great way to transition into a more customer-service-oriented Twitter client. Like TweetDeck, HootSuite has a tabbed and multiple-column view that allows you to organize your streams by keywords, groups, or profile feeds. It also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, and even add multiple editors to select profiles if you want to. You can also schedule tweets, view threaded conversations and generate embeddable columns for your website. Business owners will appreciate the ability to integrate their tweets with Salesforce, Google Adsense, and social networks. Neither an iPhone application nor  a desktop client are available at this time, but this web-based service is free to use – so give it a try if you’re looking for a more powerful Twitter management system. Companies using HootSuite include Dell, Fox and National Geographic.


3. Twaitter: Less powerful than CoTweet and HootSuite – but if you’re more concerned about scheduling your daily tweets, then Twaitter is for you. This light app has a tabbed view of your @mentions, searches, groups and archives. The Tweet Calendar allows you to schedule your tweets up to a month in advance and even lets you view a timeline of all your scheduled tweets. Multiple users can be assigned to one account, and Twaitter includes a URL shortener, spell-check tool and translation tool. Overall, the clean interface makes navigating through this Twitter client a pleasant experience.

The folks over at SEO Optimise have a comprehensive list of 30 Twitter tools for Business, so check those out, too. If you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comments below!