How many times have you wished you recorded a call? Well, now you can with Call Recording. Simply press *9 to start a recording, and press *9 to stop it. Use this feature to record calls on the fly.

You can also:

• Customize recording notifications
• Retrieve recordings from your call logs
• Forward recordings through email to coworkers

Call Recording works with any device you’re using, which means you can record calls from home, at the office, or even from your cell phone. This can be particularly useful in companies that run customer service, training, and/or support lines, as well as those that want to keep accurate records for legal purposes.

Speaking of legal matters, it’s a good idea to brush up on your legalese before you start *9ing every call – keep in mind that there are federal and state laws that regulate the recording of telephone calls and other electronic communications. We’re not taking any responsibility for what you do with call recording, and we’re certainly not letting you use our get-out-of-jail-free card, either.