Do more than send a plain old text – fax documents in style. Spice up your faxes by creating custom cover pages for memos, urgent documents and even birthday announcements. First, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the RingCentral Call Controller™ for PCs.

(Note: Call Controller™ for Mac doesn’t support creating custom cover pages yet.)

Here’s how to create a custom fax cover page:

  1. Open the RingCentral Call Controller and click the fax icon.
  2. Select Options > Cover Page.
  3. Choose a cover page from the selections on the left, then click Add.
  4. Give your cover page a name, then click Ok.
  5. Select the cover page you’ve just created, then click Edit. This opens the RingCentral FaxEditor software.
  6. Use the FaxEditor to customize your cover page. Select Insert > Insert Object to insert your company logo or letterhead if you have it saved as an image file on your PC.

FaxEditor 7.  Once you’re finished, go to File > Save and Close.

8.  Select the cover page you’ve just edited, then click Select.

And that’s it! Your new cover page is ready for delivery. Explore your creative side and design as many fax pages as you like. Click here to learn more about creating custom cover pages.