All RingCentral Professional and Office numbers are smart numbers, meaning they accept both voice and fax messages. But there are times when you may want to designate a number as fax or voice only. For example, what if you’d like to give customers a dedicated fax number, or want to prevent your voice line from being bombarded with fax spam?

We’ve made it easy to control the types of messages each of your RingCentral numbers can receive. Configure your numbers to receive voice messages only, fax messages only or both voice and fax messages.

Configure this option on your Account Summary page:

1.     Log in to your RingCentral account.

2.     Select the My Settings tab.

3.     Find the number related to the extension you want to change, and select the corresponding link under Type.

(Note: This option cannot be applied to your main number.)

 Voila! You’ve just designated your numbers.

Follow the same steps to toggle between your voice and fax messaging options at any time.