Call blocking is a great way to take only the calls you want to take. If you’ve had to deal with a string of pesky, unwanted calls, this will help you keep the funny business out of your business.

To activate call blocking in RingCentral:

  1. Log in.
  2. Select My Settings
  3. Select Blocked/Allowed Numbers in the left navigation pane.

You can elect to block individual numbers as well as entire area codes, pay phones and more. You can play a message that addresses blocked callers directly (“You cannot reach this number from your calling area”) or take a more gentle approach (“This mailbox is full.”).

If you’re blocking a set of numbers, such as those from a certain area code, use the Allowed Numbers section to whitelist specific numbers from that area code you wish to allow.

You can even select Block All Calls. This is especially helpful for those who enjoy lasting peace and quiet.