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kid-6005-user-conference-2016-customer-success-blog-image For three days last week, I joined the RingCentral team for our inaugural customer conference, ConnectCentral 2016. As the new Director of Customer Engagement, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with our customers and learn why customers invested their time to travel to San Francisco and attend our event, and what they thought of the RingCentral overall. Here are my five takeaways:

Customers valued the training we offered

More than 50 percent of our customers, ranging from office managers to architects, arrived on day one for training. Most customer wanted hands-on trainings with IVR, Virtual Numbers versus Digital Lines, and Global Office versus International Virtual Numbers. They also spent time learning best practices about how to manage their RingCentral Office system.

Here’s what Michael Slaven, Senior Programmer Analyst, Teachers College, Columbia University shared: “I went to the training and was impressed with RingCentral’s WebRTC API capabilities. We can integrate WebRTC into our use of another business app, ServiceNow, and our support page. This will save our users steps.”

They wanted to network with peers 

The second takeaway was their interest in networking with peers. More than 80 percent of the customers who attended wanted to network with others, especially learning how other peers were using Rooms, Google integration and integrating single sign-on, and their active directory to RingCentral Office.

“It’s been very good. The sessions are very thorough at describing the capabilities and the features. I really enjoyed the CIO panel. And as a new customer, I have enjoyed meeting the RingCentral Team and networking with other customers.” Randy Boyd, Infrastructure Architect, WorldVision US.

They liked our vision of Unified Communications 

On day two, our CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Vlad Shmunis, shared his vision of Unified Communications and where we were going as a company. Cloud PBX is just the first phase. From our open platform to our integrations with Google, Salesforce, Box, and Oracle, RingCentral can now holistically tie communications with business applications. Vlad also spoke about Glip and his vision for it as a team messaging tool, and how he envisions the future of work, where we collaborate less on email and more on Glip.

“I was impressed with the keynotes. I learned several new things about RingCentral that I can’t wait to implement when I get back to the office. And I also signed up for Glip beta program, because I do see team messaging to be the next big business tool for us.” Jim Pluth, Vice President, Tara Materials.

They could see the power of integrations 

At the conference, I had a chance to catch up with Justin Watty, Associate Director of IT at Lindamood-Bell, a global education center focused on helping people with learning disabilities. Justin and his team are a Google Education shop. Not only do they use Google Office, they have invested in a fleet of Chromebooks.

Here’s how Justin and his team are taking both RingCentral and Google solutions to make an immediate impact to their business.

“Rolling out Google Chromebooks and leveraging RingCentral soft phones allows us to quickly open our global education centers. With these business communication integrations, we just need to send out a headset with the Chromebooks, and our educators, counselors, and administrators can quickly be connected to our headquarters in the US. RingCentral and Google give us the flexibility to grow our business and streamline our center openings.”

Technology is what drives the growth of businesses

My favorite takeaway is that customers were pumped from our sessions and empowered to go back and develop more solutions on their RingCentral platform. Customers see the future of Unified communications and collaboration and want to enable their end users with other collaboration tools which RingCentral offers, such as Rooms and Glip.

“Very informative. All sessions were perfectly timed, all the information and Q&A was great. All my questions have been answered. And after visiting the sponsors, I have a new idea to possibly add phone cameras to help us support our restaurants.” Aaron Goodfellow, System Administrator, Islands Restaurants

“Next week, we will roll out RingCentral to 15 of our fire stations, and I brought the team to Connect Central to plan ahead. Glip will be new to our users. Once everyone uses it, Glip will bring a lot to the table.” Eric Prosser, CIO, Santa Clara County Fire Department.

Originally published Sep 28, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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