biz productivity apps The tried and true words of wisdom say that you get what you pay for. Usually this is true, but what about today in the growing digital age? Is this always true? There are many amazing apps and tools that are readily available to help business of all sizes better manage, market, and grow – all for free. Some are well known and deserve some return attention; others are fairly new and upcoming to the business marketplace. Here are some of the best choices available to you to consider as you prepare your business for the coming year:

1) GoToMyPC

We start off the list with the handy app known as GoToMyPC. Designed for iPad and soon coming to other mobile devices, this free app makes it easier than ever to control your computer- from your mobile device! There is no need to be tied to your desk or computer. Get things done remotely and access computer programs, files, and documents anytime, anywhere! So long as your computer and iPad are synced up and both devices are turned on, you can access anything you need off your computer, whether you are in a meeting, on the bus, at home, or out of town.

2) Dragon Dictation

One of the biggest drawbacks to many modern mobile devices is the cumbersome keyboards and touch pad that have to be used for typing out messages. Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to just say what you want instead of typing it all out? Well with Dragon Dictation you can do just that! The free app features a state of the art, highly accurate voice transcription program and the ability to speak out your messages and have them typed out for you automatically. As an added perk, you are also able to share your messages in e-mail, social media, and text messages. So long as you are online and connected with your data plan you have almost no limits to what you can do with the voice recognition talk-to-text app.

3) RingCentral 

RingCentral Office allows you to take calls on your desktop, landline, or your mobile device – all at the same time! Answer calls with unbelievable clarity and send texts quickly and easily from your phone or desktop. Sync up all devices to give you greater flexibility and switch calls seamlessly from one device to another as you need. Answer a call on your mobile while you are away from your desk, wait on hold with your landline, or answer a message from your computer. With RingCentral Meetings customers can now set-up, join, or host a video conference directly from their mobile device. Staying connected has never been easier than with their apps for iOS and Android!

4) Dropbox

If you and your business need a simpler and streamlined way to keep files and share between team members and multiple devices, then Dropbox is one of the most essential apps you can have. Share files, documents, images, audio or video files, and much more from your computer to your mobile devices or any other computer or device you link to. It’s simple to use, free, and even gives you offline file access for editing and writing. Share files with team members who are sitting in a meeting without leaving your desk or even without leaving your comfortable beach chair while you are on vacation. RingCentral Fax customers can also seamlessly FaxOut documents stored on their Dropbox accounts directly from the Mobile App. So long as you have internet access, you can send and receive files with ease!

5) Microsoft PowerPoint 

The Microsoft PowerPoint app offers the basic program streamlined and designed for mobile use. Create stunning presentations on your phone or mobile device and even share the presentation with other mobile users. Play the PowerPoint on the device, hook it to the computer for playback, and share it with anyone, anywhere. This app is a joy to use, it is fast and very responsive, and it has been well designed for the standard touch screen interface system of most mobile devices.

6) Microsoft Word  

Microsoft Word apps will change how you look at documents and business files. This is the app that has done tablet-based word processing right. In the past many word document type apps have tried to compress the full desktop version into a mobile platform or cut things down so much the app was basically useless.  This new app doesn’t try to include every bell and whistle of the full version, but it also ensures that you do have everything you’re likely to need for your business writing and editing. Discover how easy Microsoft Word processing can be on a mobile device with this amazing free app.

7) Hootsuite

Continue your marketing campaign and stay in touch with your customers with the help of Hootsuite. See what customers are saying, address complaints, answer questions, and respond to feedback quickly and easily from any mobile device or computer. Manage your online presence and reputation quickly and easily with the Hootsuite app.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding useful apps and tools that offer business like yours a little help to run more smoothly and efficiently.  Some are well known and others are fairly new and upcoming, but they all have their special uses and serve a special niche that will help your business be successful in the business marketplace. What apps help you stay productive on a day-t0-day basis?