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These great iPhone apps will help you survive the daily grind.

The introduction of the iPhone into everyday life has done more than make it easier to contact your friends and make you an amateur photojournalist. It has also helped immensely in the business world. We wanted to tell you about some iPhone apps that you might not know about that will help your business run more smoothly and boost productivity at or away from the office.

1. Business Productivity Booster & Tracker ($4.99)

business This app is similar to TimeLogger, but goes one step further. If you need to track several employees and check on their productivity, then Business Productivity Booster & Tracker is the tool for you. You can create productivity groups and factors for each group. Add resources into the groups. Track by day, week or monthly. View a progress chart. Lastly, you can export a .csv file for easy printing. This app is a must for any Project Coordinator.

2. Evernote (Free)

evernote Imagine that you are at a meeting across the continent. Your are taking notes while someone writes on a whiteboard and another person hands you 20 business cards. Not to mention that you have met 15 people who you need to know for the company dinner the next evening. Have no fear… Evernote is here! This app will let you take photos of the whiteboard, business cards and your notes and render them text searchable. This feature is also available if you want to leave some vocal notes. It also lets you organize the files to find it easily in the future. And the company dinner? Take a picture of everyone and put in their name so you can study it for later. Great for Partners in a firm that are constantly out of town and meeting potential clients.

3. iXpenseIt Lite (Free)

expense Do you have problems keeping track of all of those receipts and charges either on the road or off? The iXpenseIt Lite is a great way to help you manage your expenses. A bonus is that you can add a budget beforehand to make sure you don’t exceed your means. This is a must have if you are constantly flying across the country for meetings and sales opportunities. Any CFO or Money Manager would love having this app for their employees.

4. Mocha Remote Desktop Lite (Free)

rdp There are times when I am sitting in Starbucks and the person sitting next to me realizes that I am a computer engineer. We strike up a conversation and ultimately, they ask me for some samples of my work. If I don’t have my laptop with me, then I can easily login to my home PC and show examples of what I do. That’s what Mocha Remote Desktop Lite is for; it gives you a way to access your home PC for whatever reason. I have frequently wanted to send someone an e-mail, but worried that I wouldn’t remember when I got home later. With Mocha, I can send the e-mail right then and there. One less thing to worry about. This is perfect for those Salesmen who are always on-the-go.

5. RingCentral (Free for RingCentral Customers)

phone This application creates a Virtual PBX Business Phone System on your cell phone. RingCentral’s app gives you an auto attendant, on-hold music, customized greetings, call screening and a dial-by-name directory to give you call answering that professional polish. You can also use a toll free number to call from your cell phone. Need to send a virtual fax? No problem. Need to forward a call? Easy as pie. It really is like having an office in your pocket and helps you to organize everything. This app is perfect for executives who need to handle all of the calls and messages they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Make your iPhone your new office assistant and see your productivity soar.

Originally published Oct 23, 2009, updated Aug 12, 2020

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