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This award-winning social media agency is using RingCentral to create massive value for its clients


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  • Delighting clients: Forced by COVID to try virtual video shoots, Chatterkick used RingCentral Video to develop content that showcased its clients better than ever.
  • Staying connected: Using RingCentral for messaging, video, and phone, this distributed team stays highly connected and collaborates more easily than ever.
  • Scaling seamlessly: Because RingCentral is so flexible, Chatterkick can use only the functionality it needs now and easily scale up as the agency’s needs increase.

Successful enough to win awards; humble enough to call themselves nerds

The self-described social media nerds at Chatterkick take a unique approach to running a digital creative agency. Although they can geek out as much as any marketing team on data and analytics, Chatterkick focuses first and foremost on creating human connections. The company’s goal is to get to know each of its business clients as people, and to help those businesses make deep, human connections with their customers.

Clearly, this human-first approach has proven to be a winning business model. Since opening its first office only 10 years ago, Chatterkick has expanded its client roster to more than 300 businesses—located all over the country and even around the world. The industry has taken notice as well, honoring Chatterkick year after year with awards for its high-quality campaigns and company culture.

Social Media Agency Chatterkick Finds Ingenious Ways to Improve Operations and Delight Clients with RingCentral

A telephony platform capable of scaling seamlessly and cost-effectively

For an agency whose mission is to create human connections in the digital world, Chatterkick found itself facing a strange irony a few years ago. With positive word-of-mouth continuously bringing in more clients, the company needed to expand its operations.

As more businesses wanted to work with Chatterkick—largely due to its unique, human-centered approach—the agency’s rapidly expanding geographic footprint made it more difficult to keep employees connected and able to provide the human touch that was becoming the team’s competitive advantage.

Here’s how Beth Trejo, CEO of Chatterkick, describes the challenge: “When we expanded to a second office and started bringing on more people, we could see the communication challenges we’d be facing as we grew—especially considering that some of our people were remote.”

But Beth wasn’t ready to jump immediately to an enterprise telephony solution. “We were looking for a communications solution that would scale with our business but that wasn’t overbuilt, more than we needed at the time, or overpriced. Just the right amount of capacity and features for our current needs, plus the ability to easily implement more as needed. RingCentral filled that role for us perfectly.”

Keeping the growing team connected—and delivering enormous value to clients

By giving everyone across the growing company access to RingCentral’s unified app for messaging, video, and phone, Chatterkick had the communication and collaboration environment in place to keep the geographically distributed team connected and productive no matter where they were.

But as valuable as RingCentral proved to be in the first few years after Chatterkick rolled it out, the unified communications solution became essential to the company’s ongoing operations when the COVID lockdowns started in 2020.

Allison Gates, Chatterkick’s Creative Experience Manager, points out that the agency’s photographers could no longer conduct onsite video and photo shoots—an important service the agency offers to help clients create authentic content and make real connections with their customers.

“Thanks to RingCentral, we were able to shift our in-person content captures to virtual content captures—which actually opened up a new and convenient way for our team to get in-depth information and stories from our clients.” In fact, Allison adds, “This allows us to showcase even more of our clients’ expertise and the unique value they bring.”

Finding brilliant ways to leverage RingCentral to improve operations

As Beth also notes, the Chatterkick team is finding creative ways to use RingCentral’s communication tools to improve team cohesion.

To cite one example, Chatterkick’s team members will often turn on RingCentral Video during the day while they’re working at home. This way, Beth notes, it’s almost as if a coworker were sitting in the next cubicle—even though they might be halfway across the country.

“By keeping the video chats open as our team worked, we were able to mimic being together in the office—where I could just say, ‘Hey, Allison, can you send me that file?’ We’re all about connecting with each other as people, and I think that really helped.”

Another example, explains Beth, is the company’s use of RingCentral Video to reinforce the agency’s view that Chatterkick’s employees are truly a team of peers—not a hierarchy based on titles.

“We’re all about creating a sense of equity across the team—and that includes digital equity,” she says. “What’s great about running a company meeting over RingCentral Video is that no matter who you are—the newest employee or the CEO—you’re just a square on the screen, same as everyone else. I think that’s a great way to make everyone here feel like equally valued members of the team, which they certainly are!”

Originally published May 19, 2022

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