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There and Back Again… a Developer Journey

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Sorry about the J.R.R. Tolkien thievery on the title, but the convergence of working for a company with “Ring” in the name coupled with the “Journey” part of this article made me think of Lord of the Rings almost instantly.

What the heck is the RingCentral Developer Journey? developer journey The RingCentral Developer Journey is a group of interrelated features added to the Developer Portal focused on streamlining the lifecycle of engineering your applications to operate with the RingCentral Platform (with the ultimate goal of getting your application into production).

Each feature provides developers with self-serve tools and information to help guide you forward as you develop by providing developers with valuable analytic data and an easy to digest UI. developer API calls Many developers immediately noticed the benefits and contacted us to say thank you for providing this improvement.

For any of you who have logged into the Developer Portal since around mid-March, you will have seen the changes for the Developer Journey.

Dashboard View Improvements

The first thing you will notice is on the Dashboard view of any Application defined, there is a new section which has a step-by-step diagram which represents the actual application lifecycle in simplified format. developer timeline

Status & Review

Every application/integration has the Status & Review section available. This section of your application/integration contains two parts: an upper section (identical to the Dashboard view, but placed here for convenience), and a lower section (this is the really important part when it comes to getting your application/integration in shape enough to enable the “Apply for Production” button.

There are three major sections (each which expands with more information and help bubbles):

You can see in the example below, this application is NOT in a fit state to enable the ability for the developer to “Apply for Production”. The developer has not issued enough API requests for each endpoint used (which maps to the API permissions being used by the application). The developer needs to reduce the % of 4xx HTTP errors in comparison to the number of successful attempts which have been executed. Lastly, this developer needs to either:

developer production status Analytics

The last developer-facing feature added for the Developer Journey is the Analytics section of each application. This data is also displayed on the Dashboard section for each application respectively.

There are four (4) primary tabs you can use:

developer response times Helpful Hints

  1. Graduation Data Processing is executing and aggregated on an hourly basis (so you may not see any results change until the top of the hour)
  2. We try to review production access requests as frequently as possible during weekdays.
  3. Using these tools can help you to isolate issues, improve your application/integration’s performance, and keep our mutual customers as happy users!

Thanks for reading about the RingCentral Developer Journey, and happy coding!

Originally published May 23, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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