The RingCentral app for iOS and Android recently received a refresh as part of our major Office overhaul.

6.0.2 Here are the app’s most valuable new features!

Better in-call options

When you’re in a call, the app now presents you with real-time call handling options. You can “flip” the call to another number, transfer the call to a different extension on your account, park the call so another user can pick it up, or switch recording on – all with just a single button press.

The addition of this one-touch functionality actually makes call handling easier on the app than with a desk phone. You can perform all of these functions on an IP phone, but you’ll typically need to enter a shortcut on your keypad.


More administrative features

The Android and iOS versions of the RingCentral app are generally the same in features and functionality. With the latest app release, though, the two do see some differentiation. Here’s what’s new in each.


Admin call log view – Now, Android users can see the call log for either their own extension or (when logged in as an account admin) all the extensions in their account. (We hope to add this feature to the iOS app in the future.)

Default dialer option – You’ve been asking for this for a while. It’s now possible to set the RingCentral app as the default dialer on all Android devices.


Print support – Use the RingCentral app to send and receive faxes? If you need to print out a hard copy of a fax, you can now do so within the app:

IMG_0413 Easier navigation

The bottom of the app window now includes links to Conferencing (the triangle-shaped icon) and Meetings (the video camera icon). Note that, to use Meetings as either a host or participant, you’ll need to download the free Meetings app. (Clicking the Meetings icon within the RingCentral app will take you to your device’s app store if you’ve not yet installed Meetings.)

Here’s what you can expect to see in the app’s home [Messages] screen. In order from left to right, the icons are: New Call, New SMS, New Meeting, Conference Info, New Fax.

asd You can download the app from your device’s app store or at the RingCentral website. And look for even more cool app features to come in the future!