IDC-Webinar_Follow-Up-Blog-Post_a_r1 Though cloud business communications solutions offer advantages over on-premise systems, concerns around security, reliability, control, and support are top of mind for companies considering the transition. The question comes down to whether the cloud will take your company to new heights or make it all come crashing down.

On Wednesday, February 3, 2016, representatives of IDC, RingCentral, and Del Monte Foods answered this very question. In a one-hour webinar on enterprise cloud communications, commonly cited concerns around security took center stage.

Amy Lind, a research manager at IDC, spoke about the latest research on what we can expect next from cloud communications. Next, RingCentral’s SVP of Global Operations, Curtis Peterson, discussed what it takes to safeguard a global cloud communications system. Finally, Chad Anderson, IT director at Del Monte Foods, discussed how they support various offices with a cloud communications system.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Top-of-mind concerns about security, reliability, and service control
  • The impact of mobility and BYOD on a business phone system
  • The roots of cloud encryption and security
  • What a layered defense model means to you
  • Designing in business continuity and disaster recovery protocols

To learn more watch this webinar on demand.